Hop Along may be the best rock band in the game right now. Their 2015 record, Painted Shut, was one of that year’s best, and their 2018 record, Bark Your Head Off, Dog, may be even better. Frontwoman Frances Quinlan’s voice is undeniably powerful, especially backed by her band of Mark Quinlan, Tyler Long and Joe Reinhart.

Immediately from the opener, “How Simple”, it’s clear that Bark Your Head Off, Dog is going to be a special record. Right when Quinlan kicks into the refrain of “Don’t worry, we will both find out, just not together”, the album reaches one of its many heights. Mixed in with hard hitting tracks like “Somewhere a Judge”, Hop Along dives into some softer sounds, like on the lush “How You Got Your Limp”. “Not Abel” continues that until it explodes into a rocker in its closing moments. The lyrics are powerful and vivid, full of pain, and life.

Bark Your Head Off, Dog is out on Saddle Creek Records and available on Bandcamp.

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