Julia Holter’s discography is quite diverse. It includes bedroom recordings; gorgeous, huge arrangements; and the unconventional and experimental. One trait, though, is constant – she always crafts amazing and moving music. Aviary is an incredible addition to that discography.

From its opening moments of “Turn The Light On”, Holter creates an overwhelming whirlwind of sound that wholly encompasses the listener. Beyond it, there are plenty of beautiful tracks, including the stunning “Voce Simul”. “I Shall Love 2” is one of Holter’s greatest tracks, as its huge, immense build overwhelms the listener. That’s what’s at the core of this record. It is overwhelming – from the huge orchestral tracks to the unnerving intro of “Every Day is an Emergency” to even the length of the record, which clocks in at an hour and a half. As a result, Holter has created an album with the intent to immerse the listener in her world. It makes the listener appreciate the raw moments even more, especially tracks like the absolutely flooring “In Garden’s Muteness”. It’s definitely Holter’s most ambitious record, but the payoff is incredible.

Aviary is out on Domino Recording Co. and available on Bandcamp.

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