Kurt Vile released Bottle It In a couple of months ago. Maybe the album name is because it’s been a while since his last solo album (2015’s b’lieve i’m goin… down). It also seems like he has a lot to say yet all without revealing too much. One of the endearing things about Kurt Vile is that it’s almost like you are just listening to your friend share some of his innermost thoughts and feelings set to music. Bottle It In just does that.

There are quite a few stand out tracks on his newest release. The 10 minute + title track “Bottle It In” soars as we hear advice on how not to hold back your feelings just because you might feel rejected or get hurt. The added harp element on this track is quite exemplary. “Loading Zones” is a fun Bruce Springsteen-esque track that tackles the inconvenience of parking tickets. “Skinny Mini” is a 10 minute love song as Mr Vile gushes in the best way possible. The last lyric eludes that this one keeps him inline with “She make me cross my I’s and dot my T’s if you know what I mean”. Yeah Bones” is nice rocker that reminds us that loneliness is a choice. “Bassackwards” almost clocks in at 9 minutes and is another beautiful meandering track with the last lyric summing up Mr. Vile’s entire existence:

Just the way things is these days
Just the way they come out these days
Just the way things come out
Yeah, c’mon
To the utmost degree

Bottle It In may not be one of Kurt Vile’s best in his career, but it is definitely one of the best this year. The mood of the album is quite relaxed, almost smoky as we are taken on a ride through Mr Vile’s past, present and future thoughts with just the perfect combination of composition and tempo.

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Bottle It In is out on Matador Records with purchasing and streaming links available here.

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