For more than three years, Miya Folick has floored music fans and tastemakers with her awe-striking, wide-ranging vocals and poignant and gut-wrenching songwriting. She’s made her growing fan base dance, contemplate the state of the world, and remember their own times of immense vulnerability. She has moved people in ways very few artists have, and the arrival of her debut album, Premonitions, further expounds why Folick is one of the great, young singer-songwriters of her generation.

From the seismic quietness of “Thingamajig” to the soothing bliss of “Premonitions”, the record opens with two gorgeous but devastating numbers. On the latter, her voice reaches angelic levels, and it’s a moment that should be forever captured in music history. The majestic, ’80s-influenced, synth-pop number, “Stock Image”, likewise, is a stunner. Instead of a club-friendly tune, the track is intimate and moving, as Folick recounts the story that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

As easily as Folick rips out hearts, she also can exhilarate while telling great stories. A touch of old-school soul and R&B floods through the toe-tapping “Leave The Party”, which is a celebration of oneself. A sense of desperation erupts on the anthemic and let-your-hair-down “Freak Out”. On the light-hearted and dance-inducing “Stop Talking”, Folick encourages her friend to “stop talking about that boy” and move on with her life.

The peak of Folick’s craft, however, is heard on “Deadbody”. The harrowing indie-rock approach creates the perfect atmosphere for her emotional #MeToo story. As the instrumentation slowly intensifies around her, Folick’s voice becomes harsher and more menacing, but her words are her sharpest weapons. She directs her rage at the person who took advantage of and used her.

“I need you to know that I’m not too proud of this.
My strength lies within my gentleness.
And I’m already hurt so now I don’t have to hide.
And I hold all the heads of my brothers and sisters high.
Don’t want your money for my silence,
I don’t care who knows my name.
Don’t tell your friends that I’m a liar to convince them I’m insane.
Over my deadbody!”

While her voice stands out in every track, Folick isn’t just another artist who can sing. She’s the whole package. She’s an unstoppable force who is destined for greatness. Correction, she has achieved greatness with Premonitions.

The LP is available now via Interscope Records and on the usual streaming/purchasing sites. Alternatively, go directly to Bandcamp.

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