It’s tough to follow up an album as captivating as Molly Burch’s debut, Please Be Mine. However, Burch followed it up with yet another masterpiece in First Flower. From her clever lyricism, to the gorgeous instrumentals that can be found throughout the record, Burch created a record that is among the year’s finest. And a statement at that.

“Candy” sets Burch’s deceptive tone, an anxious track that sounds summery and groovy. On “Wild”, Burch wishes to channel her wild side. “Good Behavior” is an amazing, introspective track that is one of Burch’s strongest vocal performances on the record. She charms with the Laurel Canyon vibes of “Dangerous Place”, but her words are personally piercing. As she sings, “I hope I learn from my mistakes. I hope I forgive myself one day”. At the same time, she seeks to make her mark, as revealed on the provocative and clever “To The Boys”.

As she proves on First Flower, one does not need to make a statement by being louder than the rest. Instead, with a sharp pen, a witty and dichotomous approach, and a voice to remember, one can still provoke, tease, and speak loudly. One can still deliver another modern-day classic gem, which Burch has done once again.

First Flower is out on Captured Tracks, and it’s available on Bandcamp.

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