For most of their career, Russian trio Pinkshinyultrablast established themselves as one of shoegaze’s finest outfits. While Slowdive and Ride were on hiatus, they filled the void with the expansive, chiming flair. For their third album, Miserable Miracles, however, the band expand their reach and unveil their most expansive LP to date.

Miserable Miracles is more than just a record. It is an experience that features three destinations (or layers if you will). The first is the dance floors of Earth. The intoxicating opener “Dance A.M.” buzzes with bubbly synths and percolating beats On “Eray”, the threesome head back in time and the age of early ’80s new-wave disco. A psychedelic-disco vibe, meanwhile, percolates on fantasy-like “In The Hanging Gardens”, which is as imaginative as Tim Burton’s films.

The heavens is the next stop. The groovy and relaxing “Triangles” is the soundtrack to the journey through the clouds. Upon arrival, the soft notes of “Blue Hour” and the gorgeous “Find Your Saint” welcome all newcomers. Beyond the clouds awaits the cosmos, which is where Pinkshinyultrablast reside. The striking instrumental “Earth and Elsewhere” is an alluring spectacle while “Looming” is Pinkshinyultrablast as their dynamic shoegaze best. Whether they send listeners floating through galaxies or grooving in little clubs, Lyubov (vocals), Rustam (synths/electronics), and Roman (guitars) demonstrate they can appeal to all of our senses. They show there is more to their art than meets the eye.

Miserable Miracles is out now via Club AC30. Order it here.

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