Rhye have released another stellar album this year. There have been many changes from the debut of Woman, Rhye (Mike Milosh) is now collaborating with multiple composers on the latest release as prior member Robin Hannibal left. Rhye also parted ways with Polydor records and has independently released Blood.  It’s also been almost 5 years since we were graced with 2013’s Woman outside of a small 2 track release last year.

Blood contains more tracks that are ode to love and relationships, and the love of the company of a woman no doubt. The difference here is also we hear a little heartbreak, with the opener “Waste” tackling Milosh’s breakup from his wife Alexa Nikolas. There is also an acceptance of love and learning from your past on “Song For You” which was written for Milosh’s current girlfriend, Geneviève Medow Jenkins. “Count To Five” has a bit of a funk vibe going on as he sensually sings “Can you feel the heat in here? I’ll keep you waiting”. “Phoenix” speaks about an super intense love, that may not be sustainable. The closer “Sinful” includes a lovely guitar line woven in and out with strings. “Taste” is another standout that could actually possible make it to radio play. It’s intoxicating and catchy

The album is expertly crafted and will lull you into an immediate state of sensual relaxation. It’s also the perfect album to spin for your significant other in of course more, umm intimate settings.

The one take away from both of Rhye’s albums is that they are consistent and reliable. The composition might slightly change – different, instruments, slightly different tempos but the result is a slick and smooth package of relaxing and sensual tracks. Milosh’s vocals are always delicate and smoky. They continue to have a magnetic effect on each track sung. Blood is a mix of R&B and soul, but there are few artists out there that can elicit the feeling of sensual love through their songs. Rhye accomplishes just that.  Even though Rhye’s singles might never be heard on mainstream radio, there is a place and a fanbase for Rhye’s overall sound.

Blood is out on Loma Vista Recordings.

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