I think everyone knows what to expect from a Slaves album – some banging track, with a lot of silliness involved. Acts of Fear and Love is exactly what we’ve come to know and love about the punk-rock duo.

The album promo was hilarious with drummer Isaac Holman “quitting” the band to pursue a career in dancing after “Cut and Run” was released and before guitarist Laurie Vincent advertised for a new drummer. The music video for “Chokehold” has cameos from drummers such as Sam Doyle of The Maccabees, Ben Thatcher from Royal Blood, and Dave Rowntree of Blur. Even the Cadbury’s gorilla drops in for an audition.

The band take a rare opportunity to take their foot off the pedal towards the end of the album starting with “Daddy”, a song about having a midlife crisis. Slaves third album is great fun to listen to throughout, and it’s one that will have a long shelf life with their fan base. Well worth getting a copy of!

Acts of Fear and Love is out on Virgin EMI Records .

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