We have argued on several occasions that Algiers is the most important band to emerge in the past decade, and our reasoning lies beyond the quartet’s bold, roaring sound and their ferocious intensity. Franklin James Fisher (vocals/guitar), Ryan Mahan (bass), Lee Tesche (guitar), and Matt Tong’s (drums) third album, There Is No Year, will be on Matador Records, and it is one we’ve been anticipating for some time.

The first two releases – “Dispossession” and “Void” – were blazing, head-throbbing numbers. On “We Can’t Be Found”, Algiers slow things down without sacrificing the power in the message. The track, which is accompanied by a dark video, is brooding yet intense, eerie yet eye-opening. Listen closely to what Fisher has to say, as he discusses how people are always watching and waiting to feed on our weaknesses. About the sheer terror that exists inside us when we’re alone. Adding to the song’s brilliance is how Fisher takes the forms of both the protagonist and those who are watching in the darkness. He repeats in the middle of the track:

“No, we won’t show mercy.
No, we can’t be found.”

Through the first three songs, we are beginning to assume There Is No Year will be one of our Favorite Albums of the Year. This won’t be surprising since they’ve already been included on our 2015 and 2017 list.

Algiers will commence a lengthy tour on February 3rd, starting in Brighton, UK. Find dates and information here.

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