When Wolf Parade announced their hiatus was coming to an end in 2016, long-time fans, including all of us, let out a joyous scream. One of Canada’s great bands of the 21st Century returned triumphantly with 2016’s EP4, which was an appetizer to the outfit’s fourth album – the intelligent and exhilarating Cry, Cry, Cry. Their fifth album is literally around the corner, and in preparation Wolf Parade have shared “Julia Take Your Man Home”.

The song exemplifies the greatness of Spencer Krug (vocals/keys/synth), Dan Boeckner (vocals/guitar/keys), and Arlen Thompson (drums/production). It grabs you immediately with Boeckner’s glistening yet stark guitar and Thompson’s careful spacing, and then Krug’s trademark vocals and storytelling arrive. His first words are a punch right in the gut:

“Julia take your man home.
He’s just sitting at the bar,
Carving shapes that look like dicks into the wood.”

The rest of the track continues with tales of male stupidity and how dependent the male species is on women to keep them upright and balanced. As the song intensifies and Boeckner unleashes a fury of reverberating guitar riffs, Krugs speaks to the pain that we cause for everyone. Speaks to how we believe tomorrow morning will be better, yet it is not.

Wolf Parade’s new album, Thin Mind, will be released January 24th. The fine folks at Royal Mountain Records and Sub Pop have the distribution honors. Pre-order the album here and here. Needlessly to say, we cannot wait!

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