The first time we heard Cuesta Loeb sing, on the dreamgaze rocker “Dive”, we were hooked, and we’ve been fans since. In the nearly four years since, she has gradually built her portfolio while expanding her repertoire. She, however, excels in the arena that bands like Lush, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, and My Bloody Valentine popularized in the ’80s. She is, in other words, one of the many artists ensuring that shoegaze never dies and making it better. As a result, she has a cult following, which includes the excellent Buzzbands.LA, who have relentlessly supported Loeb from day one. Her popularity should rise as people become exposed to her new single.

“Immerse Inverse” is an enrapturing number. It is dreamy and enthralling on the one hand with Loeb’s breezy, ethereal vocals. On the other hand, it is intense and blazes, as the shoegaze guitars and heavy rhythms blast around her. The experience of listening to the track is akin to racing down an open road while a magnificent thunderstorm illuminates the sky around you.

This feeling is also illustrated in the song’s message, as Loeb shares her experiences of being trapped in her own world and unable to see beyond it. As she says about the track, “It’s been hard to remain optimistic recently, but still every once in a while I feel a shift in perspective, in my reality, that feels open, carefree, and childlike. I experience a world with magic, endless possibilities and overwhelming gratitude for glimpses at a time. Living inside of that realm is incredibly hard in a world where so many things feel so wrong. This song lives in that place of everything good.” The lyrics, too, reflect the anxiety of one’s life:

Seeing what I can’t below,
I’m feeling what you can’t
I can’t describe
Seeing worlds out of outside
My mind
Reverse inverse immerse
Outside this life.

“Immerse Inverse” was written with long-time collaborator Blake Strauss, who has been working with Loeb since nearly the very beginning. Loeb’s new EP, grass it grows, is expected at the end of January.

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