Tennis, the duo of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, are releasing their fifth studio album, Swimmer on February 14th. It’s an album we are anticipating quite eagerly. The first single they released, “Runner”, was everything we love about their distinctive throwback sound. On Friday, they followed that up with the second single from the album, the lush, and infectious “Need Your Love”.

“Need Your Love” is a brilliant track, starting with a drum beat that demands the listener’s attention. It builds and flows with Moore’s enchanting and dynamic voice explaining the complexities of relationships. Moore described writing it as an “emotional purge, rooted in anger”. When the song gets to about the mid-point, it hits a refrain that slows things down with a tempo change leading into a hypnotic sequence, where Moore repeats the lyrics “Baby, you’ve got more poison than sugar”.

“Need Your Love” shows signs of a band that has honed into a definitive sound and have figured out ways to refresh it without it getting tired. They’re a duo that’s true to themselves, and completely honest, and it only makes us more excited for Swimmer.

The record will released on February 14th via the duo’s own Mutually Detrimental label. Pre-order the LP here.

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