When Wilsen released “Ruiner”, the title-track of their forthcoming, new album, it led us to believe that the Brooklyn-based trio was heading into Daughter territory. Our anticipation was, let’s just say, a little premature. For those who have followed the band’s upward trajectory over the past three years, they would know that Wilsen excel in the arena of dream-pop and dream-folk. They create music that can be breathless and effortless, and this is the case with their newest single.

“Feeling Fancy” is stunning. It is akin to the gorgeous, atmospheric music that bands like Azure Ray, Beach House, and Still Corners have mastered over the last decade-plus. The trio, however, put their own spin to the genre, adding a splash of the ’70s Laurel Canyon music scene into the track. As a result, the band creates a soundscape that is at times blissful and elevating, and at other times it is subtly vibrant and uplifting.

Front woman and founder Tamsin Wilson paints a tale that would make Joni Mitchell smile. She describes a person trying to find happiness in the material things and in other people. About how we can be envious of the “headline shaker”. She reminds us, however, that “quiet is not a fault too loud”, where we can still find happiness without having the world’s eyes on us. These are words by which we can live.

Wilsen are Tamsin Wilson (guitar/vocals), Johnny Simon, Jr. (guitar), and Drew Arndt (bass). Their new album, Ruiner, drops February 21st on Secret City Records and Dalliance Recordings. Pre-order or pre-save the LP here or go directly to Bandcamp.

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