If you’ve been missing new music from The Wombats, fortunately you can fill the void with singer Matthew “Murph” Murphy’s solo project, Love Fame Tragedy. The first EP was released last fall with  some pretty awesome singles, including “My Cheating Heart”. This year, LFT is kicking off 2020 with a bang on the new single “Riding A Wave”.

The video visualizes our mortality as we see Murph go from the bar, to the operating table, what looks like the inside of a coffin, and back to the pavement outside of the bar. Even though the video is a bit heavy and kind of dark, the track soars and takes the listener on quite a ride as well. “Riding A Wave” is synth pop gold as the lyrics explain the complicated intricacies involved in any relationship.

The lyrics are open and honest about the desire to make the relationship work, but with obvious issues like drinking or fights. The overall theme is that life is just coming at you every day like a crashing wave – do you live in the moment and “ride the wave”, or try and control and plan everything to receive a different outcome? It’s definitely an introspective track with a killer bassline and hook. It begs the listener to take another listen and contemplate a bit more.

“Riding A Wave” is from Love Fame Tragedy’s sophomore EP, Five Songs To Briefly Fill The Void, which will be released February 2020. It will include other killer collaborations from the likes of Dan Smith (Bastille) and Crystal Fighters’ Eleanor Fletcher and Maddi-Jean Waterhouse.


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