Nearly three years to the day, we were introduced to the band with the best name in the business (and they still do), Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes. Their name wasn’t the only thing that caught our attention, but their inventive and often euphoric take on dream-pop made us permanent fans. The single, “Closer”, left us astonished at their ability to make dream-pop broodingly beautiful. Their debut EP, Four Waters, had us gushing about their multi-faceted, sonic brilliance. Not surprisingly, the record was one of our favorite extended players of 2017.

Up next for Edvin Arleskär (drums), Tilde Hansen (vocals/bass), Siri Sjöberg (vocals/synth) and Elias Mahfoud (guitar) is what old and new fans have been waiting for – their debut album! Sweetie arrives on Valentine’s Day on Rama Lama Records, and the first single defines the greatness of the Stockholm-based quartet.

“Forever” is like a double-sided coin. The first half is smokey and edgy, as the song patiently churns through a methodical, bleak landscape. Nothing is hurried, not even Hansen’s hypnotic vocals. Then the tide turns, and the pace quickens and the intensity increases. Mahfoud’s crystalline guitar chimes more clearly, and Sjöberg’s synths glisten more brightly. Arleskär and Hansen’s rhythms, meanwhile, throb a little harder like one’s heart accelerating while one begins to run from the unknown.

The lyrics, too, give an indication of waking up to reality and, specifically, losing someone close or even one’s innocence. The protagonist is no longer an impressionable individual; she has grown up to the realization that her world is forever changed. Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes, too, have grown into a Swedish indie tour-de-force, and the world should start paying attention.


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