Since her debut as Torres in 2013, Mackenzie Scott has continually evolved, as a songwriter and as an artist. It’s what has made us excited to hear her upcoming record, Silver Tongue on January 31st. A week ahead of the record, Torres has released “Dressing America”, the third single from Silver Tongue.

“Dressing America” is bound to grab listeners’ attention, between its surprisingly catchy nature and its borderline NSFW music video. The video is “(a)n ode to every sacrificial act of love” according to its director, Ashley Connor.

“Dressing America” is an intriguingly complex track. It feels a bit like a reference to the early days of her first album and its roots in American folk. But as the song builds, it pushes well beyond that. Scott has a habit of challenging beliefs, from religion to American bravado. Between the lyrics, the slight pedal steel guitar, combined with the music video, “Dressing America” challenges the typical image of the Cowboy as an American hero and puts a new spin on it.

“I tend to sleep with my boots on,
Should I need to gallop over dark waters,
To you on short notice”

Silver Tongue will be released on January 31st on Merge Records. You can preorder it here.

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