Every year, a band outside the North America perimeter emerges from the shadows to become an indie sensation. Two years ago, New Zealand’s The Beths took the world by storm. Last year, people couldn’t stop talking about South Korean outfit Say Sue Me. This year, Paris quintet En Attendant Ana are the early frontrunners because like the two aforementioned bands they create energizing yet dynamic indie pop-rock. When you think you can pigeonhole them into a genre, they throw a surprise from song-to-song and even within it. Take for instance their latest single, “In / Out”.

The song starts off with a riff right out of U2’s legendary Boy album, then takes a sharp turn and becomes a jangly, hip-shaking number in the Dick Diver mould. The surprises don’t stop there, as midway the song slows several beats and a trumpet appears. Suddenly, we are in Belle and Sebastian territory until the pace picks up once again. To say “In / Out” is a roller coaster is understatement, but it is an exhilarating and unforgettable ride.

Frontwoman Margaux Bouchaudon’s lyrics echo the sentiment of the topsy-turvy lives we lead. People come, people go, and we continue to move forward. For En Attendant Ana, though, they’re only moving upwards.

En Attendant Ana are Margaux Bouchaudon, Camille Fréchou, Maxence Tomasso, Adrien Pollin, and Antoine Vaugelade. The band’s sophomore album, Julliet, arrives January 24th via Trouble in Mind Records. Get it on Bandcamp.

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