“This is a Fleetwood Mac moment, can you let it slide?”, Nelson Can frontwoman Selina Gin asks this seductively at the start of the band’s latest single, “I Wanna Be With You”. The words are a brilliant way to begin, although the music sounds more like Blondie re-mixed by a couple of French DJs wearing futuristic helmets. This is a sensual, hypnotic, darkwave-disco tune that will stay stuck in your head for days.

As Gin’s vocals fade off, the rhythm section of Maria Juntunen (drums) and Signe SigneSigne (bass) takes over. Juntunen’s calm yet throbbing percussion pound deep into your chest while SigneSigne’s seismic bassline causes involuntary toe tapping and head swaying. Gin adds a synth that gives the track a haunting, trembling vibe. Despite the darkness that permeates the song, you cannot help but dance.

“I Wanna Be With You” is just another example of how the Copenhagen-based trio have thrown out the playbook to indie stardom. They are a three-piece without a guitar yet create infectious indie music. They’ve delivered a handful of incredible EPs, including the knockout EP3, which blended post-punk, garage rock, and goth. The trio’s sophomore full-length, So Long Desire, will likely chart another new course, further establishing the Danish group as one of indie’s finest and most creative forces.

So Long Desire is due January 31st on Alcopop! Records. Pre-order it on the usual streaming and music purchasing sites. Limited edition vinyl are available from the band’s website (see below).

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