We generally have allocated single-song articles to artists and bands of whom we’ve been long-time fans or who have blown us away over the past few years. Today we are making an exception because a young woman from Hamilton, Ontario is on the verge of stardom.

Her name is Linnea Siggelkow, who uses the moniker Ellis. She actually wowed us a year ago with her song, “Something Blue”, which was one of our favorite songs of 2019. Yesterday, she provided two reasons for music lovers to get excited. The first is the arrival of her new single “Fall Apart”, which initially left us speechless. The only natural thing to do following this reaction was to repeatedly replay the song. Not three or four times, but about 15 times.

2020 is still very young, but Siggelkow has delivered one of the year’s two most gorgeous and stunning songs (the other being Nadia Reid’s “Get the Devil Out”). Imagine the lyrical poignancy of Lana Del Rey backed by shoegaze giants Slowdive, and this is the majesty that Ellis has created. The fuzzed-out, crystalline guitar at the bridge and in the outro are breathtaking.

Her songwriting, meanwhile, hits all the emotional chords that lie deep inside our souls. She opens up about the pain she has internalized, the conflict that has devoured her, and how her actions have affected those around her. We can feel her struggles, especially in the closing moments:

“And now you see me on my bad days / Falling back into my old ways.
Spinning in circles in a black haze / I didn’t mean to fall apart.
I didn’t mean to / On my worst days
Falling back into my old ways.

The second great piece of news is that Ellis’ debut album, Born Again, sees the light of day on April. Two great indie labels, Royal Mountain Records and Fat Possum Records, will distribute it. Pre-order the record here or just go to Bandcamp and directly support her. If you’ll be at SXSW in March, she’ll be there, too, so catch this rising star.

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