For a decade, Austin-based trio Saints of Valory have delivered piercing alt-rock. They are throwbacks to the ’90s when rock music was equated to scorching riffs, pounding rhythms, and honest, sometimes politically-charged lyrics. Despite creating a strong niche within the alternative world, it was inevitable that some of the band members would want to branch out and try new things. And frontman Gavin Jasper has opted to take this path and enter a realm that significantly differs from the waters SoV have waded since 2010.

As DAGG3RS, Jasper has jumped into the crowded electronic / electro-pop / EDM field. He’s released one single – the head-turning “Broke AF” – and today he shares his second single, which we are honored to premiere.

Even though we are a few months away from those warmer days, “Summertime” is definitely one that will get you ready for what is to come. It is the perfect homage for the time of year that is littered with music festivals, as the track will get you hyped up and ready once the heat hits. The tribal-inspired track immediately gets your blood pumping (and possible fists) as Jasper’s captivating vocals soar high above each calculated bass drop. “Summertime” is also a worthy addition to everyone’s cardio playlist. Although the song is heavily electronic, Jasper has not completely abandon his rock foundation. An underlying grittiness and darkness lingers, giving the track the feeling of losing oneself.

Jasper shares more about the track and his new direction:

“DAGG3RS is my new project. I came up with the name before writing the first song, as I wanted the music and the name to have a mutual vibe from the beginning. ‘Summertime’ was the first song written and recorded for this project. It’s about losing our minds for three days at a festival. I wanted to tap into that vibe and that summer culture. We wanted it to have a jungle mantra feel that just goes round and round and gets you lost in the mood.” 

So far DAGG3RS is allowing Jasper to create a wide-open canvas, where he can fill it with pop-ready hooks and super, addicting beats. The mix of Jasper’s writing style, hypnotic vocals and new production elements will give DAGG3RS a great chance at casting a large net for fans. Not only will he have his loyal SOV base, he can capture synth-pop/electro-pop lovers as well as the EDM world. The world is his for the taking.

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