Since Nandi Rose Plunkett’s arrival as Half Waif in 2012, only a handful of artists have been able to match her minimalist, widescreen artistry. From her beautiful debut album, Kotekan, to the intricate, sonic precisions heard on Probable Depths (which was one of our favourite albums in 2016), Plunkett has consistently astonished all those who experience her music. She is truly one of indie’s great, but underappreciated geniuses. Her time, however, may have finally arrived in 2020, especially if her latest single is any indication of what is to come.

With “Ordinary Talk”, Plunkett has once again cast an unbreakable spell. An electric drum and electronic beats subtly stutter in the background while a synth caresses the air with its delicate hum. Plunkett’s angelic voice, meanwhile, effortlessly floats over the tightly-knit, lo-fi composition. She at times whispers, and other moments her voice calmly rises. Her powerful words is as much about self-love as it concerns her and other women’s independence and strength. As she sings:

“Baby when I’m feeling low, you don’t need to repair me.
I know myself well
When I’m in this hell.
It’s part of the process, it doesn’t scare me.”

Poetic, poignant, and passionate, “Ordinary Talk” is a micocosm of Half Waif’s artistic power.

Half Waif’s new album, The Caretaker, will be available March 27th on ANTI- Records. Pre-order it here or go directly to Bandcamp.

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