Aly Spaltro’s (aka Lady Lamb) storytelling is second to none. Her ability to capture simple moments and transform them into something grand makes her a special artist. From the love between a pet and its owners to drives in the mountains, Spaltro always finds the beauty, love, and positive power in the little things. She captures the essence of these three things on her new single, “We’ve Got A Good Thing Going”.

The single starts out a bit in the surreal, like many Lady Lamb songs do, but it’s reeled in with a feeling that one is not living life to the fullest. Once that is shed, much like the reservations and self-consciousness that prevents one from going all-in on life, the track becomes a straight-up rocker. It’s a cathartic change, an upbeat embrace of living life to its fullest, spreading love to those who matter, and asking for nothing in return.

“We’ve got a good thing going.
I’ll sing of our joys and our sorrows
With the band or on my own – that’s what we’ve been given love.
It’s the blushes and the boredom,
The flesh and the blood.
It’s the endless sprawl we’ve climbed up to fall,
So we may as well just feel it all.”

Paired with a nostalgic video, the song is full of love, and focus on the good times. It’s a reminder that no matter how rough things can be or how mundane they can get, we’ve still got a good thing going as long as we live and love unabashedly. There’s no word on an album in the future, but her 2019 record, Deep Love, is available now. She will also be touring City Winery locations around the US as well as an international tour starting this month, you can check out the details here.

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