On her fourth album, Good Advice, Basia Bulat took a chance. She walked away from the intimate, indie folk-pop and entered the world of widescreen music, producing a record of rousing orchestral-pop pageantry that it ended up being one of our favorite albums in 2016. In what direction she would turn for her next LP was a mystery. In November, she gave a hint of what to expect on Are You In Love?

“Your Girl” was reminiscent of the bigger, more pop-oriented approach of Good Advice. The expectations, as such, was that fans would be receiving a sequel. The Toronto native, however, did not earn the title as Canada’s sweetheart for being predictable. She earned it by creating music that feels like a warm fire on a cold night. Music that is simultaneously comforting and mesmerizing. For the second single, she returns to her roots and delivers a gorgeous, windswept serenade with “Already Forgiven”.

A delicate guitar and her trademark electric harp harmoniously swirl in the air and create a trance-like, mystical soundscape. Within this beautiful vortex lies Bulat and her brittle but endearing voice. Her words are vulnerable and honest, as she recalls moments of weakness, a history of mistakes, and the attempt to forgive and move on. Every lyric, each phrase, and entire stanzas are unforgettable, but the one that stands out for us is:

“I took up the pieces of what remained.
I tried to build a fire when there was no flame,
But I tried to find in my heart and me
What I tried to find in my heart and me
Telling me that you’re already forgiven.
It took me year to say it
Already forgiven.”

Hear “Already Forgiven” below as well as “Your Girl”.

Are You In Love? will be released March 27th on Secret City Records, and it can be pre-ordered here.

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