If you ask a dozen random people to describe California, “sunny” is the word most will use. Some may opt for terms like “mellow” or “chill” for obvious reasons: the West Coast has a reputation as a laid-back paradise. The sun-kissed vibes that radiate from the new Freedom Fry single “West Coast” will send you on a mental holiday to the Golden State.

The opening refrain of “Going out west to California” has the breezy softness of a summer morning. Sparks fly between Parisian-born Marie Seyrat and her American spouse, Bruce Driscoll, as their vocals intertwine. You only need to hear Freedom Fry once to become infatuated with their sound. We have been following their career since 2015 when their “Shaky Ground (Hey Na Na Na)” single captivated us. Five years on, this duo continues to wow us with their brand of sophisticated indie pop. Freedom Fry also won over Hollywood insiders, who regularly place their music in film and television scores. Most recently, their cover of the Gorillaz hit, “Clint Eastwood”, ran during the closing credits of the new Apple TV series The Morning Show.

Perhaps their chemistry – both musically and romantically – is what fuels their creativity. The two have been making music as Freedom Fry for nearly a decade and have released dozens of singles and EPs. We may never decipher the secret to their effortlessly chic sound. But one thing is certain: some things are best savored, not studied. If you are looking for one word to describe the “West Coast” sound, we think elation fits nicely.

You can stream “West Coast” from these sites. Head over to their website (or Bandcamp) to discover their extensive back catalog. Trust us: your ears will thank you. Their second full-length album is due later this year, and it should be as sunny as the California summer sky.

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