For more than half-a-decade, Swedish synth-pop / darkwave duo I Break Horses stayed silent. Nary a word came from Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck, leaving fans wondering if the band’s existence had come to an abrupt end. In mid-October 2019, the band broke its silence and promised new music was coming. Early in February, they dropped the breathtaking and incredibly stunning “Death Engine”. Alongside the single release was the announcement their third album, Warnings, will be released on May 8th via Bella Union.Before fans can stop rejoicing at the news, Lindén and Balck have extended the party with the unveiling of “I’ll Be The Death Of You”.

Whereas “Death Engine” was clouded in spellbinding darkness, “I’ll Be The Death Of You” is a calm, cosmic adventure. The synth, keys, and rhythms are smoother yet more vibrant, and the addition of horns at the end create the belief that finality has arrived. Lindén’s voice, meanwhile, is more illuminating and embracing. Although there is a windswept easiness in the track, a quiet intensity fiercely burns in her lyric.

“‘Cause I am upside-down.
I wish I could get out in time.
You keep pushing on to get into my side,
And tell me how it feels and how I made it in.
I’ll be the death of you.”

May 8th cannot come soon enough.

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