The Canadian music scene is arguably in the midst of its golden era – even better than the late ’60s and ’70s. From Victoria to St. John’s, the Great White North is teeming with excellent artists and bands. At the tip of the iceberg resides the pride and joy of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nap Eyes. Few bands in the world combine cool, radiant, retro-inspired indie rock with sublime songwriter. Front man Nigel Chapman, for that matter, is a lyrical savant, who can at any one moment or simultaneously be humourous, serious, introspective, and observant. These traits were displayed on “Mark Zuckerberg”, which was released last month alongside the announcement of a new album. The quartet’s incomparable talents are further magnified on “So Tired”.

The song is akin to Nap Eyes’ previous releases in that it drenched in the classic rock of the ’70s. Echoes of The Velvet Underground, The Band, and Neil Young & Crazy Horse stream across the gorgeous melody, but the chiming, jangly guitar adds a refreshing, modern tone. For 165 seconds, the quartet weave a summertime spell before the track segues into a terrific guitar solo. Chapman’s lyrics, meanwhile, are soaked in fatigue and resentment. He reveals how the constant pressure from within and externally to invent weighs heavily on him. And when he does, people still expect more. His opening words reveal everything:

“Nigel you’re so scared
Of people trying to control your life and
Criticize you.
Change what you do,
Make you have to admit
Anyone else knows better than you do.
And you don’t have an answer for everything, all right.
And you don’t have an answer for everything at night.”

The lyric video is below as is the audio version.

Nap Eyes are Nigel Chapman, Seamus Dalton, Josh Salter, and Brad Loughead. Their new album, Snapshot of a Beginner, will be available March 27th on Jagjaguwar, Royal Mountain Records, and Paradise of Bachelors. Pre-orders are available here

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