We all could use a boost, something that comes into our lives and makes us smile and believe that tomorrow will be a better day. Bristol-based art-pop quartet The Desert have given us exactly this with the video for their single, “Beauty Queen”, which we are extremely pleased to premiere today.

The song was produced by Steve Osbourne, who has worked with U2, Elbow, and New Order. Instead of directing the band to create a stadium-size anthem, Osbourne deftly guides the band to create a track that shakes one’s soul as oppose to eardrums. The result is a gorgeous, emotionally-charged track. Front-woman Gina Leonard’s vulnerable voice is the focal point at the start. As the track builds, her vocal becomes distorted and fades into the building coalescence of all the instruments. By the end, it cuts through again once more. The song features two lines that we all should say to our loved ones everyday: “The only way I’m going to love you is too hard” and “You say, ‘I’m always going to be here'”.

The video is an equally stunning piece of art in its own right. Director Sam Arbor describes the video as “a story, about a girl who, for a moment, loses control, as I feel we all do at points.” Its message is also one of hope, possibility, and enduring love. Its message will put a smile on your face.

The Desert are Gina Leonard, Tom Fryer, Ryan Rogers, and John Parry. “Beauty Queen” can be streamed or purchased here. The song is out on Funnel Music.

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