Almost two months ago, we discovered a voice we immediately knew we would never forget. It’s rare to hit play on a track and instantly everything else around you fades away. Such is the case with the completely hypnotic and memorizing presence that Talitha Ferri presents.

Now more than ever, the world is looking for ways to escape, even just momentarily into a different headspace or mood. With each new track that is released, Ferri easily enthralls the listener in an immersive experience of unmatched beauty brushed with love, loss and pain. Even more remarkable than her powerful yet delicate vocals are the transparent and revealing nature of her lyrics, which revolve around her own struggles with mental health issues. Today, we are honored to premiere Ferri’s third single, “Porcelain”.

The Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter uses subtlety to evoke powerful emotions. With just her acoustic harmonies, a simple guitar, and a captivating violin, “Porcelain” personifies brittle beauty. The song follows Ferri spiraling in and out of depression, and she explains the strange reality of the guilt associated with feeling bad, yet everything around her is so good.

“Lo and behold, the single most unfortunate girl
Who sits and cries on top of the world
Got it so damn good that it hurts
And I should feel much better
But I just feel worse

So I drown my mind a thousand leagues beneath the porcelain tiles
But the water always ends up in my eyes
So I cut my loss and let it run wild
I do that sometimes”


Talitha Ferri is joined by Joseph Ricci on lead guitar, Janus Jakobsen on bass, and Jamie Metcalfe on violin. Her debut album, Get Well Soon, will be released May 1st, 2020.

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