Timing is everything, and this could be said for Amelia Bushell (vocals) and Thomas Servidone (guitar) in many ways. They met at an open-mic night in Brooklyn back in 2012 and immediately connected. In a matter of days, they formed Belle Mare. Now only if they had met three years earlier when the indie scene was undertaking a renaissance and outlets like Pitchfork became the most-trusted source for new music rather than the radio station, they might be stars alongside Widowspeak and Beach House.

Their music has the same effect as these two bands, yet they remain overlooked. Time, though, is still on their side, so stardom is still possible. Regardless of their status, the duo continue to make music that is breathtaking. Music that is unforgettable, such as their debut EP, The Boat Of The Fragile Mind; first album, Heaven Forget; and their most-recent EP, 2018’s Liars. If you’re just getting caught up, then let their newest single be your introduction to one of indie’s most treasured hidden gems.

“What Haven’t I Done” is blissful dream-pop at its finest. Bushell’s smokey yet alluring vocals have an air of Lana Del Rey while Servidone and fellow original bandmates Rob Walbourne (drums), Tara Rook (keys), and Gary Atturio (bass) create an soundscape that equals, if not transcends, CHROMATIC’s most tantalizing numbers. Despite the dreamy atmosphere, Bushell’s lyrics are anything but a paradise. She recounts a non-reciprocal relationship, where she is at the mercy of her partner. In the end, though, she reclaims control.

Hear this stunning song below.

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