The last time we heard from Brooklyn’s Widowspeak was when they released their cinematic 2017 record, Expect The Best. This week the duo of singer/songwriter Molly Hamilton and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas have released a new single, “Breadwinner.” It’s a track that is ever relevant these days.

Not surprisingly, “Breadwinner” is about work. It’s about the monotonous, thankless hours spent plugging away. Right out of the gate, Hamilton exclaims “Babe, you gotta quit that job, ’cause your boss is a jerk.” It resonates even more now with so many people rethinking work, from unemployment to working from home, to putting yourself into dangerous situations just to put bread on the table.

Musically it starts out with a beautiful, lush synth as it builds and flows with bass, gorgeous layered vocals, and eventually reverbed guitar. The combination of the lyrical content and the mellow instrumentation creates a melancholic dose of reality, albeit a calming one.

Widowspeak also released a gorgeous yet simple video for “Breadwinner” which you can check out below.

“Breadwinner” is out now via Captured Tracks. You can stream and purchase it here.

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