In a year that most people cannot wait to end given all that has happened, 2020 has also introduced us to a bevy of outstanding young artists who are recapturing the energy and spirit of a bygone era. One of those bands is Thrillhouse.

Since the release of their debut single, “One of These Days”, and its follow-up, “Lesser”, the Brighton-based trio took listeners back to the early ’80s. This was a time when bands took risks, blending disco, funk, synth-pop, and art-rock. This was a time when the music was captivating and progressive, and children of the ’80s, like we are, felt liberated. In some ways, the trio are like a new generation’s Talking Heads. They take their talents to even greater heights with “Ready When You Are”, which we are very honored to premiere today.

Their newest offering is a sublime slice of new wave that sounds fresh yet familiar. The track starts off unassuming and then progresses into a melodic groove that will force you to move. The gents, though, are not one-trick ponies, as their songwriting is Destroyer-esque. That is, they are able to capture the events, emotions, and uncertainties of today’s world.

“Where do we go from here?
How do you describe something that you just don’t understand?
I’m ready when you are…
A few days have gone by now,
Nothing has changed but nothing is the same”

The best part about Thrillhouse is their reinvention of the best parts of the ’80s where bands like OMD, Soft Cell, and Yaz were throwing together experimental sounds that have since become classics. These guys, though, are doing it out of the comfort of their own home studio. Look out world, the UK has another great band that has the potential to redefine popular music.

Watch the video below or stream the audio.

Thrillhouse are Alistair Scott, Jackie Nielsen, and Sam Strawberry. “Ready When You Are” will officially be available everywhere tomorrow.

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