These days we all view the world and its events electronically. Everything is documented on our mobile devices, from the mundane to the monumental. But not long ago historical moments were captured by photographers whose talents helped preserve our collective memories. One particular shutterbug is the focus of the newest video from Smoove & Turrell.

Steeped in nostalgia, “Elgin Towers” is the UK funk band’s way of paying respect to legendary British photographer Jimmy Forsyth. The video features shots he took when the Nursery Farm Estate towers in Gateshead were demolished in 1987. Also in attendance that day? A young lad by the name of John Turrell, whose booming vocals bring the past to life in this tune. 

Smoove & Turrell – the project helmed by Jonathan Scott Watson and John Turrell – have been delighting fans for more than a decade with their charismatic fusion of funk, R&B, and Northern soul. With undeniable vitality, their music is more than a modern take on old-school vibes – it is the soundtrack of a region and its people. From their 2009 debut, Antique Soul, to their 2019 compilation, Solid Brass: Ten Years of Northern Funk, each Smoove & Turrell album showcases their talents. Now on their sixth release, Stratos Bleu, the band infuse their already danceable sound with more electronic elements. And as the video for “Elgin Towers” shows, the past is a treasure trove of inspiration.

When this band digs deep, their sound is all the richer for it. Just as Jimmy Forsyth used his talents to capture life in the last century, Smoove & Turrell use theirs to enrich the lives of music fans in this one.

Stratos Bleu is out now via Jalapeno Records from Bandcamp and these other links.

Smoove & Turrell also include: Mike Porter (keys), Lloyd Wright (guitar), Neil Harland (bass), and Oscar Cassidy (drums). Backing vocalists on this track are The Voices of Virtue (Chinyere Igun, Mathapelo Imarhiagbe, and April Olatunji).

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