In case you weren’t aware, Austin-based duo MISSIO have been fast at work. Not only did Matthew Brue and David Butler release their sophomore album in April of 2019 (The Darker The Weather // The Better The Man) and then tour overseas, but a mere 18 months later, they will release their 3rd album, Can You Feel The Sun, on October 23rd via 2B Recordings/BMG.

In case you aren’t awake yet, just hit play and their newest track, “Vagabond” (feat. features Esoteric from Czarface), will get your blood pumping all the way into the weekend. This is perfect for the MISSIO MAFIA looking for those hard hitting beats. It’s the perfect track to get anyone super hyped up. If clubs were open again, this would be the track to spin.

The track is inspired by the struggles that David Butler experienced with traveling on tour while maintaining a relationship with his wife. You can check out their Instagram post that goes into detail. The lyrics are always something someone can relate to and this one is no different.

“Hurting people hurt people. It’s hard to understand.”
“I’m a Vagabond, is that what you want?”

So far with such a wide range of tracks already released, CYFTS is looking to be a solid contender for best of lists.

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