THE JACKS are  a band we’ve been following since 2018. Once we knew the LA based quartet were attending the SXSW Music Festival the same year, they’ve been on the radar ever since. Their sound has up until this point had a nostalgic Rock ‘n Roll vibe mixed with their fresh and modern spin. We don’t want to spend too much time on the past,  though because today truly is a new day for THE JACKS.

They have taken this past pandemic year to truly find who they are and who they want to be as a band without outside influences. THE JACKS are about to embark on releasing their debut album that is fully written and produced by the band. “Stay The Night” is the first single from the album and it’s an indie pop gem that deserves to be heard.


The band has definitely evolved. They have moved from rock to gleaming cinematic indie pop. “Stay The Night” has everything one needs to feel good about that special someone you just can’t let go of. It captures that overrun of emotions as a relationship is all mixed up but you just don’t want to be without them. The hooks on this one are quite addicting and the harmonies float against dreamy guitar and simple keys. The vocals by frontman Jonny sit perfectly against their new framework. It’s also an ideal track to add to your weekend playlist as we all venture outside to enjoy a warm summer day.

In celebration of their the release, here is a quick Q&A from the band and what they’ve been up to:

1. How did you all get to this point? Ha Ha. Seriously, though just curious if being forced to stop touring during the pandemic gave you all the time and creative freedom to become the band you have wanted to be all along?

It’s been a long and wild journey haha. Definitely having to press pause during the pandemic really put a lot of things into perspective for us. It gave us the creative freedom to write anything we wanted, and I think from there we were able to find something that felt new and authentic.

2. Did you have any thoughts on starting completely over with a band name change or anything?

We never really thought of a complete restart- I think evolution is a huge part of us being artists and I think it’s cool to adapt and grow as time goes along. We’re proud of where we came from but definitely excited for this new direction.

3. Is Jonny going to release his Tik Tok songs in full (I mean the plague, Mesopotamia, the renaissance, the industrial revolution, stone age, etc) is pretty golden in my book.

Haha I had a lot of fun making those, but probably won’t be releasing them. You never know though!

4. Speaking of Tik Tok, how has that platform changed how you’ve interacted with fans? (Besides trying a crack at pure comedy)

It’s allowed us to really explore a lot more aspects of our creativity, including our sense of humor. TikTok allows us to make videos really quickly and not overthink any part of it- which makes it really intuitive for connecting to our fans.

5. Are you guys nervous at all of losing some fans who may be a bit too rock leaning?

I think music is so genre fluid nowadays that most people are willing to accept changes in music direction as long as it’s authentic. We probably will lose some rock fans with the new direction but overall we think that people will appreciate the evolution and stick along for the ride.

6. Any upcoming tours to support the new tunes (fingers crossed)?

None as of yet – hopefully soon though.

Currently THE JACKS’ upcoming album is set to release in late summer, date TBD.

The Jacks are Jonny Stanback (vocals/rhythm guitar), Tom Hunter (guitar), Scott Stone (bass), and Josh Roossin (drums/percussion).

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