For those who have become one Nation of Language‘s early supporters know that Ian Devaney (vocals), Aidan Noéll (synths), and Michael Sue-Poi’s (bass) have a tendency to release new material just before they go to bed. This usually happens in the hours between midnight and 3 AM Eastern Standard Time. They did this with previous singles “A Different Kind of Life” and “Deliver Me from Wondering Why”. So unless you live overseas, you’ll wake up to a wonderful surprise. It’s like December 25th except much better because we were not expecting to hear new material from the band. So forget that cup of coffee to give you a spark. Instead, let “Across That Fine Line” do the duties.

Nation of Language’s newest single expands on their incomparable debut album, Introduction, Presence, which was one of the biggest surprises of 2020 and also one of the year’s most outstanding records. Whereas the LP took ’80s synth-pop and made it transcendent, “Across That Fine Line” goes a couple of steps further. Krautrock flair filters from Noéll’s synths while a Peter Hook-like, post-punk pulse shoots from Sue Poi’s bass. Then there is the biggest surprise of them all – a shoegaze guitar that takes this engrossing tune to even grander, cinematic heights. It’s like Flock of Seagulls inviting Slowdive’s Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell to play with them. All the while, Devaney tells another great story of desperation and separation. It’s a song that reflects what we’ve been through since early 2020 and what awaits us tomorrow.

“Every day we’re circling
Never closing in on what we want
But can you feel the quickening
Seven million moments down to one

And I’m watching you walk
Across that fine line
I died a hundred times
I reckon you could
Let it bleed
I’m resigned”

For people in the US, Nation of Language will be going on their long-awaited tour. Dates and information are available here. Go see this incredible band, and please visit their website (link below) and Bandcamp page to purchase their merchandise and music.

The trio’s sophomore album, A Way Forward, will be released hopefully this year. The release date has yet to be shared, but hopefully it will be soon!

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