We already had a nice Friday The Matinee with a few Halloween-themed singles. We had to squeeze in one more before tomorrow. Erika Lynn Lewis is a Dallas-based artist who has been playing in and around town for many years. Earlier this year, she released “Gas & Fire”, which is an impressive debut track.

This past week her second single “House Is Haunted” was released just in time for Halloween. It is a mesmerizing offering with Lewis’ unique and moving vocals on full display. She has a way of weaving in just the right amount of soulful twang followed by a proper dose of rock.

For any alt-country singer-songwriter fans, she is one to watch. The video is moving and a little bit spooky, as Erika sings about a woman who has possibly died in the very house she lives in. The woman in black wanders in the darkness and daytime, as if to look for her final resting place.

Erika Lynn Lewis will be releasing her debut album on February 22nd, 2022.

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