At first listen you would think Atlanta-based band ’68 had to have been at least a trio, or even a quartet. Listening to their latest album, Give One Take One, there is quite enough depth to assume this was more than just a duo. There is something to be said for duos that command their listeners like Royal Blood and The White Stripes. ’68 is comprised of singer Josh Scogin and drummer Nikko Yamada. The duo made a stop through Austin over the weekend and it was time to see how they translate their songs live.

To sum up their Saturday night set, let’s just say no one left disappointed. The energy was palpable at the sold out show. First off, the duo dress to impress with their signature black suit and ties. Scogin and Yamada bring 1000% to their fans on stage and hold nothing back. They have a great mix that could cross over to so many different fans. There is definite hardcore rock, a dash of blues and of course good ‘ole rock n’ roll. They absolutely had fun with the crowd even by paying a bit of a tribute to the Beastie Boys with a little mash up during the set. The final dose of humor was toward the end as proud Atlanta native Josh reminded all Texans that we totally lost to the Braves in the world series. We can’t lie, it was definitely well deserved.

The show was sold out, yet everyone was cool and friendly. There was the usual mosh pit towards the front stage but nothing out of the ordinary. The weather was quite perfect, and it just felt really good to be out listening to live music with like minded people.

If you’re not familiar with ’68 now is the perfect time to get up to speed. You also have a few more days to catch them live which we highly recommend, they are on tour with Every Time I Die. Remaining dates are listed below. Tickets available here.

11/23 Baton Rouge, LA – Chelsea’s Live
11/26 Jacksonville, FL – 1904
11/27 Miami, FL – Gramps
11/29 Orlando, FL – The Abbey Pub
11/30 Orlando, FL – The Abbey Pub
12/02 Asheville, NC – Grey Eagle
12/03 Huntington, WV – The Loud
12/04 Richmond, VA – The Broadberry
12/05 Virginia Beach, VA – Elevation 27

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