With so many great songs out, we’ve opted to do double duty with The Matinee ’22 v. 007 focused on artists and bands from Europe and Australia. The selection of songs are dynamite, including some indie heavyweights and those are the verge of stardom.

The North American Edition can be found here. All the songs featured today are included in the Songs of January 2022 playlist, which can be found on either SoundCloud or Spotify.


Nilüfer Yanya – “midnight sun” (London, England)

RIYL: SASAMI, Arlo Parks, ‘The Bends’-era Radiohead

Last year, Nilüfer Yanya shared “Stabilise”, the first single from her upcoming record, PAINLESS. The one single, paired with her already fantastic releases, made the album an easy inclusion on our Most Anticipated Albums of 2022 list.

On the second single from the record, “midnight sun”, Yanya continues to show why she’s held in such high regard. Finger-picked acoustic guitar provides a hypnotic layer under “midnight sun”, and it is accentuated by the song’s drumbeat. Adding to the dreaminess of the single is Yanya’s voice, which is drenched in reverb and accompanied by haunting harmonies. Everything on “midnight sun” is done with precision and intent, from the skips in the drum track, to the ambient, scattering guitar noises.

Yanya describes “midnight sun” as “a light guiding you through darkness”. This track is an example of a songwriter and artist who’s confident in the art they’re making, pushing boundaries and creating something wholly their own. Considering her relatively young career, it’s only the beginning for Yanya.

Yanya’s new album, PAINLESS, arrives March 4, 2022 via ATO Records. Pre-orders are available here and on Bandcamp.

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My Life As A Moth – “Electro Junction” (London, England)

RIYL: Karen O + Lana Del Rey + Pixie

As we have said time and time again: first impressions can leave an everlasting mark. So when we heard My Life As A Moth‘s witty and wicked debut single, “Chest Of Dress Up”, last October, we could not get the song out of our heads. And we could get the English artist out of our minds. So when she released a new single this week, we nearly jumped out of our seats in anticipation. We, however, had to restrain ourselves because future singles do not always live up to the first. Fortunately, My Life As A Moth has not just met expectations; she’s exceeded them with one of the year’s early contenders for Song of the Year.

If her debut was a nod to Buffalo Bill, the antagonist in the Oscar-winning film, Silence of the Lambs“Electro Junction” belongs on an episode of Killing Eve. Psych-pop intertwines with desert-psych to create a mysterious yet vibrant atmosphere. At times, it could be the background music for a sleuth creeping on the floor searching for clues and then another moment it is the anthem to a young hero entering a gun-slinging town and seeking revenge and redemption. But in the case of My Life As A Moth, she’s here to win over fans with her bold and sensational artistry. The young woman is going to be a star, so someone please sign her!

“Electro Junction” is taken from My Life As A Moth’s forthcoming, debut EP, Chest Of Dress Up. It will be released on March 8th. 

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LUCKY LO – “Ever!” (Copenhagen, Denmark via Umeå, Sweden)

RIYL: Christine and the Queens, Cate Le Bon, Jenny Hval

After sharing “Sunrise/Sunset” and “Mary Mind”, Lucky Lo made not one but two of our lists – Artists to Watch and Most Anticipated Albums. Both songs offered something completely different, and both showed the unlimited potential of the Copenhagen-based band.

“Ever!” is yet another example of exactly why Lucky Lo is deserving of all that hype. A more danceable affair, “Ever!” has some wonderful synth and a fantastic, bouncy bass line. Lo Erare’s voice is just as uniquely inviting as ever and is accompanied with some truly knock-out harmonies.

Erasre describes the song as “an anthem for queer love”, and everything about the song reflects that. It’s a really fun love song lyrically, which celebrates love that some may still not embrace while finding strength in defying those who still feel that way. It’s made even more of a celebration by the song’s build towards its end with an absolutely infectious drumbeat and guitar that’s reminiscent of some great St. Vincent tracks of the past. 

Lucky Lo includes: Lo Ersare (vocals, keys, banjo), Asger Nordtorp Pedersen (bass), Mads Nørgaard (guitars), Anja Backmann (backing vocals), and Casper Henning Hansen (drums). Their new album, Supercarry, arrives March 25th, 2022, via Tambourhinoceros with pre-orders on Bandcamp

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Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Looking Backward” (Paris, France)

RIYL: L’Imperatrice, Danz CM, Broadcast

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Melody Prochet. Her last record with Melody’s Echo Chamber was the fantastic Bon Voyage from 2018, which was full of wonderfully produced art and psych-pop. 

Thankfully, Melody’s Echo Chamber return with a new single, “Looking Backward”. It’s a song that picks up where Bon Voyage left off quite nicely. Prochet’s dreamy vocals add to the nostalgic vibe of the song. There’s a wonderful warm synth throughout, and a fantastic bass groove chugging underneath. The song ends with a great little guitar solo that adds to the dreamy and hypnotic qualities of the song.

Prochet worked with Dungen’s Reine Fiske and The Amazing’s Frederik Swahn on her upcoming record, which just sounds like a perfect collaboration. The song also comes accompanied by a 3D animated post-apocalyptic music video produced by Hyoyon Paik. Check it out above.

Melody’s Echo Chamber’s new album, Emotional Eternal, is out April 29th on Domino Record Co. with pre-orders available at these links.

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SEVDALIZA – “High Alone” (Rotterdam, Netherlands via Tehran, Iran)

RIYL: Massive Attack, Portishead, Ora the Molecule

Sevda Alizadeh is a superstar in every facet of life. She’s also a great story about how a person can find success elsewhere. Born in Tehran, Alizadeh moved with her parents to the Netherlands when she was 5, and in her new home she blossomed. She became a local basketball star, earning a university scholarship that helped her complete a Master’s degree in Communications (she also happens to fluently speak five languages). Alizadeh’s calling, however, is in the arts, as she is a visual artist, record production, video director, and, of course, a singer-songwriter. As SEVADALIZA, she emerged as one of the Europe’s biggest stars. For those who have yet to come across her music, let her newest single be your gateway.

Beautifully seductive is “High Alone”. Massive Attack-like trip-hop converge with the sultry dark-pop of Portishead to create the feeling that we’re being watched – or maybe we’re the watcher. It’s a human chess match put to music that SEVADALIZA has crafted, and each move brings the combatants closer. Who wins? We don’t truly know, as SEVADALIZA, with her stunning voice, keeps us guessing.

I want to go low with you
Even though I know I’m high alone
Ooh I need to go low with you
I want to go low with you
Even though you know I’ll die alone”

SEVDALIZA’s new EP, Raving Dahlia, is out February 25th via her own Twisted Elegance label. Pre-orders available here.

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Camp Cope – “Running with the Hurricane” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Middle Kids, Hop Along, Waxahatchee

Anyone who has followed Camp Cope‘s career knows the trio are one of the most socially-conscious and community-oriented outfits in the business. They rarely cut corners, such as following predictable pop and rock arrangements or relying on repetitive lyrics to fill three or four minutes. Living in a country that celebrates inventive bands and great storytellers definitely helps, but then again Camp Cope have helped set such expectations. They raise these standards with “Running with the Hurricane”.

While Georgia Maq (vocals, guitar), Kelly-Dawn Helmrich (bass), and Sarah Thompson (drums) have been known to turn up the adrenaline, noise, and grit, they dial things back on this intimate indie-rocker. Touches of the keys help keep the song grounded and immediate while the superb bass line has the song teetering between a summertime trot and full-on sprint. You want to smile as the song progresses, but then listening to Maq’s lyrics makes us pause. “She talks me up, I bring myself down / Comparing the best parts of you to the worst in myself , she reveals at the start. Somehow, some way, she finds a way to break out of her stupor. She finds motivation to run fast and furious. 

“I can stretch my legs and run
I’m taking my place, running with the hurricane
Breaking these chains, running with the hurricane
Started painting my face, running with the hurricane
I push through the pain, running with the hurricane
I’m taking my place, taking my place, yeah”

We all can find inspiration in these words and in Camp Cope. The band’s new album, Running with the Hurricane, is out March 25th on Run For Cover and Poison City Records. Pre-orders are available here and on Bandcamp.

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Eades – “Delusion Spree” (Leeds, England)

RIYL: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Kiwi Jr., Parquet Courts

As early joiners of EADES‘ bandwagon, we can confidently say that Harry Jordan (vocals and guitar), Tom O’Reilly (lead guitar), Sam Wilde (bass), Dan Clifford-Smith (drums), and Lily Fontaine (synth, percussion, backing vocals) just might have written their best song, which is saying a lot given their creativity. Sure the band may have delivered more boisterous tunes and clever stories, but in “Delusion Spree” they’ve delivered a song to which we can all relate. Plus, we can all jump around and dance to.

Bouncing rhythms and tingly and jangly guitars bring a euphoric and joyous tone to the track. It’s the perfect tune to end the week and just lose ourselves in music that lifts the spirits. But as the band is known for, their tales often are completely the opposite of the music. This story does not concern a wonderful time or memory but rather the challenges some people face each and every day. The feelings of being restrained and constantly trying to find some balance are brilliantly addressed in the single. More importantly, the band tell us that despite how we feel there are better days ahead and moments where we can just let go and dance.

The band’s debut album, Delusion Spree, hits airwaves and stores on March 4th. Heist or Hit will release it. Pre-orders here and directly on Bandcamp.

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