From a Hidden Gem just five years ago, Sophie Allison has turned her project Soccer Mommy into a national indie treasure. Her albums, Clean and color theory, were critical darlings, and they landed on several “Best of” lists, including our own for 2018 and 2020, respectively. What makes Allison a favorite in so many parts is that she combines a vibrant yet embracing indie-rock approach with impeccable stories with which everyone could relate. She is the everyday person’s songwriter, capturing our highs, lows, and everything in-between. So when she announced yesterday that her new album, Sometimes, Forever, is coming just in time for the summer, pretty much every known music magazine and tastemaker shared the news. It is a moment to celebrate, and the LP’s lead single gives us another reason to be joyous.

“Shotgun” sees Allison at her finest. The track is breezy and groovy on the one hand, yet a layer of angst and grit hovers underneath Allison’s floating vocal and the gauzy guitars. This attitude lies in the excellent bass line and Allison’s honest lyrics about wanting to hold on to every single moment with the person we love. But in doing so, it means gives sacrificing a part of ourselves and changing. Just as the song swells, Allison hits us with the words that will stick with us for some time.

“Whenever you want me,
I’ll be around
I’m a bullet in a shotgun,
Waiting to sound”

Watch the video below that captures these emotions so well. An audio stream is also provided.

Pre-orders and pre-saves for Sometimes, Forever are available at these links. Alternatively, head directly to Bandcamp to get it. The LP will be released on Loma Vista Recordings.

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