The Matinee ’22 v. 108 starts and ends with some dreamy, sultry numbers while in the middle are songs that will amuse, entertain, and even startle. Nine songs are on this edition, and they are included on the Songs of August 2022 playlist. Give it a follow on Spotify and SoundCloud.


Suiix – “All The Time” (Sydney, Australia)

RIYL: Helena Deland, Midnight Sister, Beach House

Why We’re Digging It: Our introduction of Suiix (pronounced shoo-ey) was back in 2015, at which time Sarah Elise had transformed her solo project into a full-fledged band. “Alright” was just a hint at what was to come, as over the next several years the Australian outfit expanded their dream-pop sound to Beach House-level intoxication. This is where we find the quartet on “All The Time”.

Right from the first moments, the infectious bass line lures the listener in. Warm synth, hypnotic drums, and an Elise’s undeniably dreamy vocal arrive. Eventually that bass line loosens its grip on the song and gives way to a dreamier section. Then things kick back in a big way with Elise’s voice soaring over everything before a big solo. Everything about it is simply fantastic – its twists, turns, warm analog sound – making it a perfect song for these late summer moments.

In addition to Sarah Elise, Suiix include Kristjan Garcia Lamerton, Mitch Sloan, and Luke Fuller. 

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Ten Minute Detour – “Golden Tapestry” (Calgary via Hamilton, Canada)

RIYL: Foals, Everything Everything, MGMT

Why We’re Digging It: Every hump day needs a song that is the equivalent of a couple of Red Bulls or several cups of coffee. In other words, we need some sonic octane to get us through another work day, and Canadian indie outfit Ten Minute Detour deliver the goods with “Golden Tapestry”. Rhys Lintern, Andrew Shier, Mike Stokes, and Jordan MacNeil’s latest single combines the bombastic energy of Foals and the catchy pop sensibilities of MGMT, which, in other words, is a massive ear-worm. The track is one that will have us smiling through the mundane tasks and actually may give us the motivation to amp up our productivity.

The tune’s message also possesses a similar positivity, as the band reflect on the moments that made them smile and persevere. About the people, places, and memories that “cut them loose / Set me free / I’m ready to be born again / I’m ready to be me!” May this song do likewise for you today.

Album Information: The band’s third album, Golden Tapestry, is expected in January 2023. The vinyl can be pre-ordered on the band’s store.

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Gemma Rogers – “Stop” (London, England)

RIYL: Stella Donnelly, Sinead O’Brien, Dry Cleaning

Why We’re Digging It: “Stop” is the opening track to Gemma Rogers‘ fantastic debut record, No Place Like HomeIt’s a perfect introduction to Rogers’ sound as well as her smart lyricism. Rogers sings of things we see and experience every day, especially in these digital days. From surveillance to social media, Rogers reminds us that we can and should “Stop”! Just hearing Rogers say the words “Instagram Nirvana” is enough for us to dig. Like Rogers’ earlier single “My Idea of Fun”, it’s reminiscent of the wit that’s drawn us to so many artists, including last year’s big breakout artist Wet Leg. When times get weird, what’s better than weirder and relatable tunes?

Album Information: Rogers’ debut album, No Place Like Home, is out now on Tiny Global Productions. Purchase it on Bandcamp.

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Jamie Bower – “I Am” (London, England)

RIYL: Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash

Why We’re Digging It: Before Jamie Campbell Bower – or just Jamie Bower – turned into a highly-acclaimed performance as Vecna in Stranger Things 4, he was turning heads as a singer-songwriter. He was a throwback, where he channeled everyone from  his Johnny Cash to José González. For the London-based artist’s latest number, he heads into darker, grittier places on “I Am”.

A blend of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and the aforementioned Cash, this number was made for the big screen, specifically a Cohen-written and -directed western. With a terrific fiddle slicing through the hand claps and trembling arrangement, Bower assumes the role of a preacher, who tells every person he sees that they are consumed by evil. His job is to free them. However, is he doing the work of God, the Devil, or some other entity? Or is he just a con artist, who feeds on people’s weaknesses? This tune brilliantly captures our world today, a world where a few feed on the fears of the many.

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Bo Milli – “How It Is” (Bergen, Norway)

RIYL: The Beths, Lucy Dacus, Soccer Mommy

Why We’re Digging It: We’ve been eagerly awaiting new music from Bo Milli ever since she released her debut single, “At The Wheel” in March. Once again, Milli has floored us with “How It Is”. At first, it’s a fast-paced rocker with breakneck drumming and some huge guitar chords. The song pauses at times, but these moments of silence provide the momentum for the eventual thunderstorm of guitar, harmonies, and horns. Milli describes the song as “something bold and power-chordy and maybe a bit dumb”, and honestly that’s something that can describe some the greatest rock songs of all time. These two songs may be the strongest first two singles from any artist in years.

Bo Milli is the pseudonym for Emilie Røine Østebø. She’s a name to remember.

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Arliston – “Mothering” (London, England)

RIYL: Bon Iver, S. Carey, Leif Vollebekk

Why We’re Digging It: As we take the time to get back to normal, there is one lesson we should take from the past 2.5 years – the time we have with loved ones is fleeting. As such, we should cherish every little moment we have with them. And this is what alt-pop / folktronica trio Arliston remind us on the gentle and gorgeous “Mothering”. Reminiscent of Bon Iver’s early and most endearing songs, Jordi, Jack, and George use restraint to create the dreamy yet embracing atmosphere. Every slight pluck of the guitar, keys, percussion, ambient electronics, and flute can be heard, but their execution is subtle. This allows for Jordi’s superb voice to shine, singing about how little actions in time can lead a lasting impact on a young child and vice versa.

If you can, embrace your parents and hold on tight to that moment.

Album Information: New EP, Even In The Shade, is set to arrive this November on Sob Story Records.

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Jadu Heart – “Cocoon” (London, England)

RIYL: Arcade Fire, Destroyer, Spoon

Why We’re Digging It: Jadu Heart left quite an impression with their last record, 2020’s Hyper Romance. The record was a blend of some great rock songs and lush and immersive synth-based music. “Cocoon” walks that same line between heavy synths and dreamy guitar. An intricate drumbeat keeps things moving underneath some finger-picked electric guitar in the verses with synth rejoining occasionally. Halfway through, there’s a really gorgeous moment where a lot of clashing noise of deep synth and crystal clear guitar finally combine in a moment of clarity that takes the song into it’s powerful closing moments.

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Anna Erhard – “Picnic at the Seaside” (Berlin, Germany via Basel, Switzerland)

RIYL: Wet Leg, HINDS, Baxter Drury

Why We’re Digging It: After sharing the addictive “Guestroom” and the amusing “Campsite”Anna Erhard firmly put her name alongside the likes of Wet Leg and HINDS as an artist who finds humor in the mundane and makes the bizarre seem ordinary. She also has a knack for naming her songs after specific events or places, such as “Picnic at the Seaside”.

This fun, off-kilter, little art-rock number feels more like a blustery day at the beach. With her voice alternating with her reverb-drenched guitar at the start, the Swiss-born singer-songwriter sets the scene. “Why did I come here alone? / Wasn’t I lonely at home?”, she shares. For the rest of the track, she shares her observations, focusing on couples and older people who seem to be enjoying themselves at her expense. The only things keeping Erhard company are the items in her picnic basket and the constant loneliness. And yet, the young artist still finds a way to amuse us and hopefully herself.

Album Information: Erhard’s new album, Campsite, will be September 9th via Radicalis Music. Get it here or directly on Bandcamp.

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Georgia Hurd – “Warm Bodies” (Los Angeles via Maine, USA)

RIYL: Sylvan Esso, Wet, Noname

Why We’re Digging It: As another heatwave grabs hold of much of the Northern Hemisphere, we all could use something to cool us down. What’s better than an ’80s and ’90s-laced dream-pop number that slows the heart rate, clears the mind, and refreshes the soul? These effects are achieved on “Warm Bodies”, the new single from Georgia Hurd.

Hurd is no stranger to the music industry, but she’s been mostly working in the shadows, supporting bands and artists behind the scene, including her brother’s project Bay Ledges. As she steps into the spotlight, the Maine-born artist gets a chance to share her sultry, soulful voice and soothing sound. She gets to embrace us with messages of community and togetherness, and how we can overcome our fears. When listening to the track, there is a hint of introspection, where Hurd has overcome her own fears. What they may be, we do not. However, let’s hope this is just the first of many songs from Hurd because she has the talent to be a permanent fixture on center stage.

The single is out on Lean-To Records.

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