CityFolk‘s first weekend saw warm days and clear nights with even the harvest moon glowing overhead. Gathering on the great lawn to listen to live music was a perfect activity to round out Summer 2022. Alhough it is impossible to fully impart the experience of being there in person, we’ve tried to capture the essence of the three evenings photographically in case you weren’t able to attend for yourself.


Day 1 – Thursday, September 8th

The debut day was marked by a sea of attendees in Wranglers, stetsons, and cowboy boots. Clearly, tonight’s offering was a healthy serving of country charm. One of our Three to See picks, The White Buffalo, enthusiastically lead off the evening with palpable energy infusing his early set. Kathleen Edwards followed, remarking that 10 years had passed since her last appearance at the festival. Even with a decade in the difference, her presence felt warm and welcomed, as she shared stories of how she reached the limelight and her touring days. The headliner was American singer-songwriter Zach Bryan, who clearly was welcomed wholeheartedly by the plentiful happy fans to the TD stage.

The White Buffalo

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Kathleen Edwards

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Zach Bryan

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Day 2 – Friday, September 9th

Friday’s schedule had a rock flavour. Unmistakable with her flowing red locks and fashionable chapeau, Sophia Radish kickstarted the day, impressing with not only her solid music but a joyful performance that was so easy to love. The duo featuring Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier, together making The Blue Stones, followed. Their blues-driven rock made you sway and shout from the audience for more. Topping the evening were The Glorious Sons. The Kingston, Ontario crew certainly drew a crowd to the lawn, singing exuberantly along to “Mama” with Brett Emmons like their faithful fan choir.


Sophia Radisch

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The Blue Stones

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The Glorious Sons

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Day 3 – Saturday, September 10th

Unlike the first two nights, which appeared to be musically themed, the Saturday spectacular had something for everyone. Do you like pop-rock? Perfect. Is country more to your taste? No problem. Rap is where it’s at? Fear not. We got you! Getting the evening off to a rocking good time was JJ Wilde. Under the glow of a spectacular sunset, she shone on stage demonstrating an energetic fervor over her 45-minute set. Country fans got a taste as well tonight, as Tim Hicks showed why he has become a favourite and regular at festivals in Ottawa. Topping the evening was rap royalty T-Pain. His booty-shakin’ set featured his own songs and a clip show of covers from artists, including Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West.

JJ Wilde

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Tim Hicks

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