On this Canadian Thanksgiving, The Matinee ’22 v. 134 is dedicated to taking chances and going beyond one’s comforts, as revealed by the nine artists and bands featured on this holiday Monday.

Find these tracks on The Songs of October playlist, which is available on Spotify and SoundCloud.


Connie Constance – “Hurt You” (London, England)

RIYL: Nilüfer Yanya, Chapterhouse, Joy Crookes

 Connie Constance has impressed us ever since her music in 2015. At the time, she was a young songwriter showing unlimited potential, and seven years later she has one fantastic record to her name, 2019’s English Rose, as well as a pair of EPs. Her next full length record, Miss Power, is just around the corner, and Constance has already released a pair of fantastic singles from the LP, “Till the World’s Awake” and “Mood Hoover”.

The most recent single is the pulsing “Hurt You”. An infectious bass line takes over immediately, and it’s paired with some wonderful fast-paced drumming. The choruses go into some really dreamy territory with layered harmonies and some pristine guitar work.

Constance’s sultry vocal and quick delivery add so much impact to each line. She speaks about how dark, difficult moments can shape personalities, and her message is delivered in a way that Constance excels at: with intelligent wordplay and powerful statements.

“What doesn’t kill us makes us stranger
They say that damaged people aren’t afraid of danger
You cut, you can bruise
But I’ve got ten rounds for your one

What doesn’t kill us makes us stranger
They say that damaged people aren’t afraid of danger
I’ll be black, I’ll be blue
Still, I’ll rise like the morning sun”

Constance’s sophomore album, Miss Power, will be released November 4th via Play It Again Sam. Pre-orders available at these links.

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Phantom Handshakes – “Stuck In A Fantasy” (New York City, USA)

RIYL: Hazel English, Beach House, Wy

The duo of Federica Tassano and Matt Sklar have perfected nostalgic, hazy pop with their project Phantom Handshakes. Earlier this year, the duo released a couple of dreamy numbers in “Come Undone” and “The Flowery Man”. Both singles provided that warm sound we expect from the duo and made us hopeful a new record was on its way. Thankfully, Phantom Handshakes have released “Stuck in a Fantasy”, the first single from their upcoming album, A Passport To Remain.

Right out of the gate, some warm synth invites listeners. A reverb, clanging guitar joins underneath and pairs with some drums, creating a percussive pairing that the song is built upon. Tassano’s voice is perhaps at its most dreamy on “Stuck in a Fantasy”, layered upon itself and drenched in reverb. Gorgeous guitar chime adds even more to the song’s nostalgic qualities, hitting a perfect sweet spot for the duo. The title alone is a perfect description of the track, and the lyrics dive right into daydream visions and immersive fantasy.

“I met Jean-Paul in a Cafe a while ago
He’s so tall, he’s a lonely Astronaut
He’s been to Mars, he travels space and time
“My dad should be proud of me after all”

He’s stuck in a Fantasy, he’s stuck in a Fantasy, it’s real”

Phantom Handshakes’ new album, A Passport to Remain, will be released November 3rd. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.

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Jadu Heart – “I Shimmer” (London, England)

RIYL: Jaguar Sun, Tender, Slenderbodies

To categorize Diva-Sachy Jeffrey and Alex Headford’s project Jadu Heart as electronic or indietronic would underscore the duo’s talents and capabilities. The London-based duo’s boundaries are limitless, which they proved back in August with the intricate, synth-rocker “Cocoon”. The questions fans should be asking are how far can they push themselves adwill they continue to extend themselves to the point that they cannot be pigeon-holed? Time will answer these questions, but for now Jeffrey and Headford clearly have no desire of settling down. Instead, they grab their paddles and traverse spellbinding waters on “I Shimmer”.

The track is right out of the ’90s, blending the lush shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine, the unpredictable alt-rock of Stone Temple Pilots, and the neo-psychedelia of Spiritualized. The sound that emerges is beyond stunning, elevating to the edges of the stratosphere with the distorted guitars, the swirling keys, and a steady, rhythmic pulse. Jeffrey’s and Headford’s vocals, meanwhile, also are submerged in distortion but beautifully so. They are floating within both a memory and a dream, haunted by what was and what is to come. Their words are just as captivating as the shimmering music.

“Oh last time that I felt
This I’ll of health I robbed my brother
Now I feel just like a child
Restless and wild
A holy other

Nothing can stop me
I’ll be away with the birds
Someday we’ll make it
Flying away with her”

Jadu Heart’s new album, Derealised, is out January 20th, 2023 via VLF Records. It should be awesome.

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Surma – “Islet” (Leira, Portugal)

RIYL: Björk + Fever Ray + Young Fathers

Scandinavia has long held a near monopoly on musical creativity with the likes of Fever Ray, The Knife, Jenny Hval, Agnes Obel, and many more. Débora Umbelino, however, is about to change everyone conceptions about where to look for innovation with her project Surma. For that matter, she’s about to join those aforementioned geniuses.

Still in her early to mid-20s, Umbelino has established herself as a favorite of the Portuguese indie scene. Her 2017 debut album, Antwerpen, was a critical darling within her home country. Now, she’s preparing to show what she’s capable at a global scale. When people hear her music, they just might think they are hearing the Bjórk of the future. Make that the present because her latest single, “Islet”, is an incredible work of art.

This six-minute number is a multi-faceted, sonic wonderland. It’s gorgeous at its more tranquil moments yet riveting and dramatic when the percussion escalates. There is also a moment where the song encourages us to stand up confidently, as Umbelino’s voice and the melody simultaneously rise. In short bursts, she shares quick flashbacks and events, all of which have formed who we are and who Umbrelino is. And who is Umbrelino? A star in the making.

“Kiss your Mother
Live your life
Break the jar
Put some Hank
Shave your head

Get the flower
I don’t wanna be
These days everyone wants to be”

View the song’s cinematic video on YouTube. It’s well worth the six minutes. The single is out on Omnichord Records.

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Oskar Nordbø – “Moonlight” (Oslo via Stavanger, Norway)

RIYL: The Tallest Man on Earth, Daniel Norgren, S. Carey

Speaking of Scandinavia, when thinking indie folk artists and bands, Sweden is the country most look towards, thanks to the work of José González, The Tallest Man on Earth, First Aid Kit, and Daniel Norgren. Norway does have its share of great folk singers, such as Simen Mitlid and Moddi, but the country still awaits its first global, folk star. Could Oskar Nordbø be the one who breaks through? We’re not the betting types, but if we were we would make a hefty wager. What convinced us is his brand new single, and it took us just one listen.

“Moonlight” is a beautiful, classic, indie-folk number – but with a twist. Its first half features just a simple, acoustic guitar with the light, ambient hum of an electric guitar in the background. Nordbø’s vocal is smooth, tranquil, and immensely immediate. Occasionally, it transforms into something ethereal and transfixing. Each word he sings, meanwhile, is delivered with controlled emotion, which allows the listener to see through the protagonist’s eyes and the moonlight that floods his world. This place is like a fantasy we wish would become a reality. It is perfection.

The single is out on Norwegian indie label Tooth Fairy.

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Gladie – “Nothing” (Philadelphia, USA)

RIYL: Cayetana, Worriers, Swearin’

Augusta Koch is an undeniable presence in the Philly music scene. Koch fronted Cayetana, one of the most noteworthy and important bands to come out of the city over the last decade or so. After Cayetana, Koch’s attention turned to a new project, featuring members of other Pennsylvania giants, including Matt Schimelfenig of Three Man Cannon, Pat Conaboy of Spirit of the Beehive, Dennis Mishko of Tigers Jaw, and Miles Ziskind of Witching, Honey, and others. In January of 2020, Gladie released their first record, Safe Sins, a powerful and diverse record that helped provide sanctuary for the unexpected months that laid ahead.

Gladie is gearing up to release their second record, Don’t Know What You’re In Until You’re Out, on November 18th. With the announcement comes its first official single, “Nothing” (they released “Fixer” as a one-off last March). “Nothing” is an energy infused indie rocker full of over-driven guitar chords, shimmering leads, and impactful drumming. The track packs the honesty we’d expect from Koch. As humans we always want more, but Koch asks, “What would it feel like to want Nothing?”.

“She said I learn everything the hard way.
One more fumble and I hit another doorway.
Fruit gets ripe before it gets rotten.
I keep seeking advice that I’ve already gotten.
I keep seeking advice that I must have forgotten.

What would it feel like to want nothing?”

Don’t Know What You’re In Until You’re Out will be released on Plum Records. Pre-order it on Bandcamp.

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Vision Video – “Haunted Hours” (Athens, GA USA)

RIYL: The Smiths / Morrissey + The Cure + The Jesus and Mary Chain

Some bands do nostalgia well. Others do it extraordinary, which is why they have a massive following. Vision Video are the latter, having established themselves as the band to go to when wanting some delectable, ’80s- and ’90s-tinged goth-pop. Well, Dusty Gannon (vocal, guitar), Jason Fusco (drums), Dan Geller (bass), and Emily Fredock (keys) are more than a goth-pop band but they definitely sound like they came from another era. Before spinning their newest single, we suggest dressing in your favorite school dance outfit from three or four decades ago (although not flannel), grab a partner, and imagine life in technicolor with “Haunted Hours”.

This tune merges all the great sounds of yesterday. Synth-pop theatrics bubble underneath the swimmingly dizzying, shoegaze guitar while a Gothic tone brims within the rhythms. Gannon, meanwhile, could be a descendant of Morrissey with his distinct baritone and songwriting. Actually, he’s a storyteller. In this case, he shares how the memories and images of those who have left way too early still haunt our own minds.

“Haunted hours pass the time in vain
As I lose the figure of your face
So many nights fade to formlessness”

Pre-order the band’s new album, Haunted Hours, drops tomorrow, October 11th. Get it on Bandcamp.

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Public Body – “Break From Life” (Brighton, England)

RIYL: Shame, Blur, OMNI

In this decade that has witnessed post-punk’s resurgence, there have been no shortage of great bands to arrive. One of them is Public Body, who add a bit of Brit-pop and Brit-rock to the genre. They also cleverly tackle many of the challenges and idiocies of our day-to-day lives. The ineffectiveness of Brighton’s transit system was the target on “Naughty on My Bike”, “Hard to Concentrate” addressed mundane 9-to-5 routine, while “Table Manners” was a biting critique of the Boris Johnson-led Conservatives. We cannot wait to hear what they might come up with Liz Truss’ Thatcher-like policies, but that’s for another day. This is because today we get to rock out, jump around, and break out of the weekend malaise with “Break From Life”.

Angular guitars and buzz-saw rhythms (Joe Stevens’ bass is wildly great) whip up this energetic and boisterous number, which is made for an old-fashion mosh. Even if we’re alone, we can frantically move for 196 seconds, losing our marbles to the rapid-fire melody. This is the only way to stop ourselves from doom-scrolling, feeling sorry for ourselves, and being stuck in boredom. As front-man Seb Gilmore tells us, we need take to a break from life and find our motivation. This song is the perfect cure for revitalizing our soul.

Public Body are: Seb Gilmore (vocals), Theo Verney (guitar), Joe Stevens (bass), Tom Bacon (guitar), and Thom Mills (drums). The quintet’s debut album should be out next year via FatCat Records.

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Hvor Er Skygge – “Elli” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: Washed Out, DIIV, Tame Impala

A few years ago, a Danish band called Moon Loves Honey were creating blissful dream-rock. The band, however, only lasted for a few years, and the quartet went their separate ways. However, Jeppe Dengsø, who fronted the band, has reemerged, launching Hvor Er Skygge. In English, the project name translates to “where’s the shadow”, which seems quite apt given that Dengsø is entering the world of dreamgaze. But instead of lurking in darkness, he enters the light, or at least he does with his debut single, “Elli”.

The great shoegaze songs take you to faraway places, and “Elli” does the same. We get lost in the reverb-drenched guitars and the sparkling rhythms, and the resulting hazy atmosphere. We also get lost in Dengsø’s breezy vocal, which sounds like it is from another dimension. His story of wanting to just go and take a chance, though, is close to our heart. We all understand the desire to reveal our most secretive feelings, to take a leap of fate, or to finally tell someone exactly how we feel. And in that, we also lose ourselves.

The single is out on Danish boutique label, Vi Kan Flyve, who will also release Hvor Er Skygge’s debut album in 2023.

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