Every time Nation of Language release a new song, they remind us why we consider them to be the best band of the past five years. They have reinvigorated synth-pop and new wave, heightening the genres to widescreen levels that not even John Hughes could have imagined back in the ’80s. As proof, Aidan Noéll (synth), Ian Devaney (vocal, synth, guitar), and Alex Mackay (bass) have delivered two remarkable albums – 2020’s Introduction, Presence and 2021’s A Way Forward, which are among the best this century. The trio look to make it a hat trick when Strange Disciple is released later this summer. But to get the blood flowing and anticipation rising, they tease fans with “Sole Obsession”.

One of NOL’s best traits is the restraint they show on every single. While some band will want to dial up the production, add layers upon layers of synth and percussion, they keep things minimalist – or as minimalist a new wave tune could be. Noéll’s synths bubble, sparkle, and bounce before the light dabbles of Mackay’s bass. They encircle us, making us want to dance in ecstasy. They encircle Devaney’s vocal, which moves between his trademark baritone to spoken word. His words are honest and revealing, explaining how he faith can lead to obsession and, thus, losing touch with our true selves. 

“Too far along to operate
Don’t offer me this measured attention
End the cycle
I must stop limiting myself
You and your sensational soul
Ornamentation and all
Empty idol, strange disciple”

Just another great track from the best band of the past five years. Oh, and pay close attention to the video, as it offers some Easter eggs as to what the new album will be like.

Catch Nation of Language on tour later this year. Pre-orders are on now with the public sale commencing tomorrow (Friday, March 10th) at 10AM EST. Information is available here

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