About Us

(current to April 2017)

Who Are We? The “Thoughtful” Music Blog

The Revue was launched in Ottawa, Ontario on August 1st, 2013 with no budget, no fanfare. Two-and-a-half years later, it still has no budget but a bit more fanfare. Over time, we’ve developed a reputation for discovering music’s hidden gems and for writing reviews and features that are “thoughtful” and “considerate” (seriously, those two words are how artists, publicists, and labels have described us). We have covered festivals such as Austin City Limits, South by Southwest (SXSW), Newport Folk Festival, Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa City Folk, Auckland City Limits, and hundreds of concerts.

We have profiled thousands of indie artists from across the globe prior to when they were headlining their own shows, such as Courtney Barnett, Daughter, Sharon Van Etten, and Natalie Prass. Today, we’re no longer just writing about albums and singles, but premiering them for tomorrow’s future stars. Hard to imagine this has all happened in such a short time, as it seems like only yesterday it started with two guys (Kevin McGowan and Steven Fouchard), a couple of video cameras, and an idea.

While Kevin and Steven have retired, the site continues to grow thanks to its hardworking and dedicated cast of music junkies (our friends and families call us geeks). The Revue is now led by Ben Yung, Wendy Redden-Thornton, Rich Moses, and Hollie Daugherty. In addition, we have a diverse group of individuals, from clever writers like Nick Lerangis, Flo Bannigan, Zac Brydges, Landon Murray, and Arcadio Falcon to talented photographers in Darren Boucher, Dina MacLeod, Gabe Guevara, Stella Gardiner, Dan Robinson, Paul Lyme, and Marcus Jamieson. In addition to Ottawa, our family is now based across the planet – London, England; throughout the USA (New York, Austin, Chattanooga, New Orleans, and Boston); and Wellington, New Zealand.


Sending Us Stuff

As we have grown, we’re receiving thousands of requests each week. We try to listen to everything, although life often gets in the way. Because of the high volume, we no longer reply back emails. As such, we apologize in advance if you have sent us something and haven’t heard from us. We do read every email and listen to as much material as sanely possible.

If you are introducing yourselves to us for the first, please send us only 1 or 2 singles. Please do not send full albums. Due to the high volume of submissions, we likely will not listen to an entire album from an artist with whom we are not familiar.

Please include the following information when sending material:

  • Some background on you / your band (e.g., location, band members);
  • A link to your music, preferably on SoundCloud as well as where it could be purchased;
  • A date when your single or album will be released (as we all have day jobs, we need some lead time so please don’t send us something that says, “We’d love you post our new single that is being released tomorrow”); and
  • Social media (we cannot underscore the importance to have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account in this day and age).

Alternatively, send us your submission via SubmitHub.

We do our best to listen to the material and write our own original thoughts. You won’t find us copying and pasting the press release. Oh, and we only post what we like. No negative reviews here. Email us at contact@therevue.ca.


The People

a) The Writers

Ben Yung (@BenjamenYung)

Ben is our lead writer and is the engine of The Revue. An obsessive music fan, he is full of energy and great ideas. He’s a killer interviewer, loves to eat, and hopes to one day see The Revue host its own Showcase or even Festival! Ben now resides in Wellington, NZ, with his wife and two cats, but he’ll be back in North America for the summer festivals.

Wendy Redden-Thornton (@waaltmusic)

Wendy lives in Austin, TX, and anytime she has a free night or weekend and a few extra bucks, she is at a live show or begging bands to answer a few questions. An avid South by Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits Festival goer, when she’s not blogging, going to a concert or a festival, she is working at her day job in advertising.

Richard Moses (@therichardmoses)

Rich lives in New York, and he’s one of the main engines that drive The Revue. He’s a music junkie – attending dozens of concerts each year and constantly on the search for new music, which he loves sharing. When he’s not at a show, he’s at a record store, working his day job as an IT guy, or jamming with his friends.

Hollie Daugherty (@RipeAplomb)

Hollie is a public radio employee in Chattanooga by day, live music junkie by night, and music festival addict three seasons out of the year. She is addicted to coffee and music, and is always on the hunt for the newest and best of both. Around these parts, she’s known as the Queen of Alliteration who never met a metaphor she didn’t like.

Flo Bannigan (@AngryBabyMusic)

Flo is a self-confessed musical theatre geek who spends her time hunting obscure show tunes, and she’ll perform them if you ask her nicely. She’s also a passionate supporter of indie music, writing the Angry Baby music blog and occasionally releasing tracks on a micro-indie record label when there’s just no other way to get them out there.

Nick Lerangis (@lerangis)

Nick began his musical career as a boy soprano, recording parts for the first IMAX movies at the American Museum of Natural History’s Rose Center For Earth and Space. He began his literary career reading his dad Peter’s drafts and offering scathing edits. Since then, he’s written songs and played guitar with Walk the Moon, toured with his band Evening Darling, written blog posts for The Good Men Project, Hypervocal, and The Revue. He lives somewhere on the USA’s east coast and sings a lot.

Zac Brydges (@muddypaws87)

Zac lives in Ottawa, and when he’s not playing music he’s listening to it. He has a beard, dogs, and his favourite colour is flannel. Armed with shockingly attractive looks, he quickly became the city’s best, just below-average music aficionado.

Landon Murray (Tw: @DEATHOFMIXTAPE / Insta: @rickshawlando)

Landon Murray is a music obsessive from the heart of New Orleans. On a routine basis, you can find him listening to every genre from metal to hip hop to jazz and opera. He’s in his mid-30s and writing has been his main interest for years. Check him out. He’s kind of impressive!

Arcadio Falcon (@arcadiofalcon / band’s Twitter: @falconsbandits)

Arcadio is a singer, songwriter and musician in the band Falcon’s Bandits. He grew up listening to classic rock, blues, and folk while always keeping an eye on the words and how songwriters have used them to portray our struggles and triumphs. He doesn’t particularly love music critics but loves writing about your music. All thoughts welcome!

b) The Photographers

Darren Boucher (Tw: @OttMusicAddict / Insta: @ottmusicaddict)

Darren is a live music addict, spending around 80 nights out a year at events. He is also a photography enthusiast and tries to combine these two loves as much as possible. He also likes dogs and has a pretty great dog, if we say so ourselves.

Dina MacLeod (@alwayscuteshoes)

Though not her day job, Dina can be seen on the Ottawa music scene, camera in hand. Other notable attributes include: she’s a typical Cancerian, fluent in sarcasm, a particularly terrible speller, and once sang Men at Work’s ’80s hit “Down Under” at a karaoke bar, and it wasn’t even a dare.

Gabe Guevara (Tw: @gabeguevara / Insta: @gabethephotgrapher)

Gabe is a photographer based in Austin, Texas, and (with or without his camera) he attends most of the big concerts that come through his hometown. He spends his spare time reading, writing fictional short stories, and hiking the hill country in central Texas.

Stella Gardiner (Insta: @stellagardinerphoto)

Stella is one of only a handful of female live music photographers based in Wellington, New Zealand. She can usually be found taking photos at one of the city’s many boutique venues or dive bars during the weekend. With a passion for punk, alt rock, noise performances, and Nick Cave, Stella regally takes on assignments that are challenging, so she can test her limits and develop her skill set. But that’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy shooting other music genres whenever the opportunity arises – Stella is always keen to try something new.

Paul Lyme (Tw: @_Paulio / Insta: @paulio1985)

Paul is from Stevenage, England, and can usually be found battling his way to the front of an empty folk club. His love for live music stems from the fact he can’t play any instruments. Or sing. When he’s not out with his camera shooting gigs, he’s running a warehouse for a children’s hospice charity. Talented and caring. What more can you ask for?

Marcus Jamieson-Pond (Tw: @jampond / Insta: @jampondphotography)

Marcus Jamieson-Pond was born before Hendrix died, but didn’t get to see him. He has, however, been gig going since the mid-80s and continues to frequent the many venues that survive in London. He was, and remains, an indie-kid at heart and continues to build an oversized CD and LP collection.

RETIRED: Kevin McGowan, Steve Fouchard, Phil Dukarsky, Christina Speziale, John Sekera, Michael Jacobe, Stewart Wiseman, Kristine St.-Pierre, Jasper Rain, and Jeanette Sangston.

Want to Join The Team?

We’re looking for contributors who want to write, do audio or video….whatever interests you. If you have an idea, drop us a line at contact@therevue.ca. Please note, we cannot pay for people’s contributions because we are a non-profit organization. (Literally, we have zero profit.)