One of the reasons why we do The Weekend Showcase is to be able to showcase some great bands that we’re unable to find the time to feature or to do properly reviews, but we still wanted to give them a platform to showcase their great work. Filligar is such a band. The Chicago quartet isn’t exactly a new band and they achieved some strong success with their previous album, such as 2013’s Hexagon and 2010’s The Nerve, which were mini-masterpieces of alt-rock.

Last week, they released their fifth album, Keepsakes of the Interior, which reflects a change in sound – more towards a melodic, indie-rock sound that is best reflected in “Mood Ring”. The percussion-driven single has the feel of The Dodos. It’s cathartic at its highest points while stunning and still euphoric at its calmer moments. The ebb-and-flow nature of the song is explained by frontman Johnny Mathias ,

Mood Ring’ sets out to capture some of that impulse for change we feel every now and then. There’s a lyric, “let your mind choose something at its jewelry store.”  In a way, sometimes your mood is something you choose. It is something you wear. An accessory. And just like that, it can be change.

The rest of the album is at times haunting and other times even fleeting, as in calm and even soothing. You can hear four other singles from the album below. Get Keepsakes of the Interior at the band’s store and iTunes.

“Mood Ring” can also be found on the May 22nd Edition of the Weekend Showcase, the weekly playlist of great new music from around the world.



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