Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was one of founding bands that revived the roots rock genre. Their style combines dirty blues riffs and tones that give a fervor for rebellion. The band has kept up with that theme since the their debut work in the late ’90s and has developed a dedicated fan base. And that’s who showed up for the vivid show on January 19th. The crowd stood outdoors at The Waller Creek Amphitheatre in 44-degree temperatures with some light rain (the combination of the which is considered a blizzard to native Texans) while enjoying over two hours of live music.

BRMC was packing a ton of fresh material from their terrific new album, Wrong Creatures (read our review here), which was released a week beforehand. Three songs from that album started the concert: “Spook”, “Little Thing Gone Wild”, and “King of Bones”. The set followed through with their previous fan favorites, including “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” and “Shuffle Your Feet”, with “Haunt”, from the latest LP, mixed in. Besides “The Line”, which was a solo performance by Robert Been, the night kept a constant crescendo until the show wrapped up with “Whatever Happened to My Rock and Roll?”


The band’s production took a “less-is-more” approach. LED lights saturated the background with dark colors while a thick layer of haze coated the stage. The combination of the two gave the band members dramatic silhouettes. Leah Shapiro drum rig was at the font of the stage between Peter Hayes and Robert Been. The two front men switched sides of the stage to access specific instruments during the set.

The musicianship is the band’s standout feature. Whoever played bass played complex lines coupled with fuzz pedals that sounded like a lead guitar. The drum had distinct beats and fills on each song that also imposed as a melodic instrument. The guitars distortion tones are comparable to “Rock and Roll” and “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin. All these moving parts could be a recipe for convoluted noise, but they complement each other – making the trio sound like a bigger band is performing.



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