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The Matinee March 30th


The Matinee March 30th includes 6 new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have some new artists to share and a few new tracks from some favorites as well. We hope this playlist gets you through your humpday we have a mix of indie rock, indie pop, electro pop and singer-songwriter. Our artists are representing the US and UK today.

Girl Friend – “Nocturnal” (Manchester, UK)


We have previously highlighted synth pop band Girl Friend and they are back with their newest track, “Nocturnal”. The track speaks to those that come alive after the sun goes down.

Girl Friend have a knack for producing 80s inspired beats which help add to the addicting factor for each song they end up releasing.

“Nocturnal” completely satisfies any synth pop craving you may have.

Girl Friend are comprised of siblings Amory (vocals) and Eleanor (vocals) plus Sam (drums) and Jake (keys, guitar).

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Great Caesar – “Let Me In” (Brooklyn, USA)


Great Caesar was one of my SXSW picks earlier this month and they have since released their newest EP titled Jackson’s Big Sky. We already shared the title track “Hey Mama” and we are now sharing “Let Me In”

Lyrically this track is quite beautiful which speaks about reconciling relationships. “Let Me In” feels nostalgic in parts yet new and fresh for today. The dual vocals as spot on and the horns add an element that makes this track awesomely cinematic.

Great Caesar is comprised of John-Michael Parker, Adam Glaser, Tom Sikes, Mike Farrell, Tom Stephens and Niki Morrissette.

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Ofelia K – “Cinco” (Los Angeles, USA)

Ofelia K - "Cinco"

We have been covering Ofelia K since she arrived on the scene with her stellar track “White T-Shirt”. She released her awesome EP Plastic Flower late last year and is back with her first track of 2016 titled “Cinco”.

Her vocals take center stage against an almost haunting yet simplistic vibe as she starts with “uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco.” She later states that “everybody’s looking for a better way”. The track inspires us to be retrospective about our current lives – are we doing what we really want or are we just living in the rat race?

“Cinco” is from Ofelia’s upcoming EP release. Stay tuned for more. We feel she is poised for a major break out in 2016.

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Rocky Nti – “Reflections” (London, UK)


“Reflections” is the newest track from UK artist Rocky Nti. It is full of gritty indie rock and showcases the production and lyrical talent of Mr Nti well.

Rocky Nti previously released his debut EP, Ride On last year and it was an awesome indie rock effort with four stellar tracks.

Mr Nti was born in London and raised in Milton Keynes.  Rocky began gigging his local circuit at the age of 14, finding a guitar in his room and locking himself away until he mastered the art of expression through song. His soulful voice and his honest portrayals of life & love earned him much praise in his local town which began to spread. He is now based in London and is currently working on new material for 2016.

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Step Rockets – “West Coast” (Minneapolis, USA)

Step Rockets - "West Coast"

Step Rockets are from Minneapolis and they are perfecting an addictive indie pop rock sound. They have just released “West Coast” and it will be a song you need to add to your shimmery, summery warm weather playlist which should be just around the corner for some of us.

“West Coast” is from their forthcoming release Future Nature which will be out April 15th.

Step Rockets are comprised of Anthony Schulz,  Brady Lillie,  Johnny Syn,  Joshua Schmidt (aka Josh Von Mink).

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Work Drugs – “Permanent High” (Philadelphia, USA)


It’s no doubt we are fans of Philly based band Work Drugs, we can’t seem to keep from sharing their tracks because they continue to make one stellar track after another.

“Permanent High” is a perfect indie pop love song that speaks to “Your love is my permanent high”. We can all relate to those relationships that keep us enthralled and going back for more.

Much like the lyrics of “Permanent High”, we can’t seem to keep from sharing Work Drugs new singles. “Permanent High” is off of their upcoming new album, False Highs and Actual Lows. It’ll be released later this year via the Bobby Cahn Records Imprint.

Work Drugs are comprised of duo Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana .

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