When a band or artist opts to change its colors these days, it seems most are heading in the direction of the Katy Perry / Ellie Goulding / Justin Beiber-formula of pop music. Big, booming noise meant to make you shake your hips even though the music may lack much in the way of substance. It’s not often you see a band opt to go in the opposite direction and create a dark, almost glacial-paced pop music. Other than Banks and to a lesser degree Lana Del Rey and Tove Lo, there aren’t many artists who are trying to electrify our senses with crawling soundscapes. It makes The Danes’ latest single, “Far From Love”, a surprising twist and one we’re immensely pleased to debut today.

The Los Angeles-based trio have established a reputation for their unique blend of power-pop, rockabillly, and alt-rock. It wasn’t music for the faint-of-heart, as the compositions and arrangements could be considered experimental with the frequent tempo changes and songs that seamlessly went from a pop melody to a gritty, get-out-of-my-way, alt-rock guitar solo. It was music that grabbed your attention for the creativity and innovation shown by The Danes.

With “Far From Love”, however, The Danes not only grab your attention with their dark, electro-pop sound, but they leave you hypnotized with their gorgeous, haunting, new sound. There’s no blazing guitar solo in this track, but instead immersive synths and the crushing vocals of Dana Hobson, who warns us of the perils of getting too close to someone we are not meant to have. “Far From Love” is one of those rare singles that will cripple your soul and crush your heart, yet leave you wanting for more. It is that unique single whose sound and approach mirrors its theme, in this case the tenuous nature of love.

Hear this stunning single below and discover a band who is going against the tide to achieve music stardom.

The Danes are Dana Hobson (vocals), Daniel Wolf (guitars, production), and Patrick Zeinali (drums).

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