As another year draws to a conclusion, another opportunity presents itself to review the year in music – this time in the form of our annual The Mega, Mega Playlist of 2021. This edition is our longest, coming in at more than 15 hours, which should hold you over until the new year while providing company to those who were to attend shows on NYE.

Happy New Year everyone. We hope 2022 brings an opportunity for friends and families to reunite and some normalcy to return.

The Spotify playlist is below, and the 226-track list follows.

The Mega, Mega Playlist of 2021 Track List

Iceage – “Shelter Song”
Hand Habits – “Aquamarine”
Danz CM – “Something More”
Nation of Language – “This Fractured Mind”
Wet Leg – “Chaise Lounge”
W.H. Lung – “Pearl in the Palm”
Let’s Eat Grandma – “Two Ribbons”
Julien Baker – “Favor”
Lucy Dacus – “Thumbs”
Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen – “Like I Used To”

Mannequin Pussy – “Control”
The Lonely Together – “Shots Fired…”
Lost Horizons – “In Quiet Moments” (feat. Ural Thomas)
Womb – “Mercury”
Wolf Alice – “The Last Man On Earth”
Yung – “Friends On Ice”
shame – “Alphabet”
Sprints – “Swimming”
Sinead O’Brien – “GIRLKIND”
Skullcrusher – “Storm in Summer”

The Weather Station – “Robber”
Son Lux – “A Different Kind Of Love”
Squirrel Flower – “I’ll Go Running”
Desperate Journalist – “Armageddon”
EERA – “Ladder”
Horse Show – “Hästskandalen”
Sea Power – “Two Fingers”
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – “Evening Train”
Nelson Elle – “All for You”
Red Ribbon – “Renegade”

Still Corners – “Crying”
Geese – “Disco”
Pond – “Pink Lunettes”
Ve & Fasa – “Under lysande skyltar”
Girl Time – “Heaven”
aeseaes – “All in Blue”
Blvck Hippie – “NYE”
Arlo Parks – “Hope”
Indigo De Souza – “Hold U”
Gordi & Alex Lahey – “Dino’s”

Loma – “Going Out”
ViVii – “One Day”
Emma Ruth Rundle – “Blooms of Oblivion”
Ada Lea – “Hurt”
Big Red Machine – “Latter Days” (feat. Anaïs Mitchell)
Basement Revolver – “Transatlantic”
The Besnard Lakes – “Feuds With Guns”
Deafheaven – “In Blur”
Curtis Harding – “Hopeful”

Yola – “Stand for Myself”
Black Country, New Road – “Track X”
Girlpool – “Faultline”
Holm – “Back Home”
Cassandra Jenkins – “Hard Drive”
Folly Group – “Awake and Hungry”
Gustaf – “Book”
Hana Vu – “Gutter”
Jaguar Jonze – “Astronaut”
Mogwai – “Dry Fantasy”

Deserta – “Lost in the Weight”
Hiss Golden Messenger – “Sanctuary”
Kishi Bashi – “Wait for Springtime”
The War on Drugs – “Change”
Strand of Oaks – “Jimi & Stan”
Jesse Marchant – “An Accident (From 3 Perspectives)”
Jess Locke – “Halo”
LIFE – “Friends Without Names”
Desperate Journalist – “Fault”
The Joy Formidable – “Sevier”

Twin Oaks – “I Was Never the Safest Bet”
Tuvaband – “Growing Pains”
Uwade – “The Man Who Sees Tomorrow”
Mitski – “Working for the Knife”
Molly Burch – “Emotion” (feat. Wild Nothing)
Magdalena Bay – “The Beginning”
W.H. Lung – “Gd Tym”
Nation of Language – “Across That Fine Line”
binki – “Clay Pigeon”
Cheekface – “We Need a Bigger Dumpster”

Molly Patton – “Honey”
Bnny – “Time Walk”
We Were Promised Jetpacks – “If It Happens”
Makthaverskan – “This Time”
Ve & Fasa – “Juli”
Maple Glider – “Good Thing”
Morcheeba – “Sounds of Blue”
Joy Oladokun – “jordan”
Julien Baker – “Hardline”
Middle Kids – “Questions”

Trace Mountains – “Seen it Coming”
A Festival, A Parade – “Area Man”
Bleach Lab – “Old Ways”
Number One Popstar – “I Hate Running”
Chelsea Wolfe & Emma Ruth Rundle – “Anhedonia”
Drug Store Romeos – “What’s On Your Mind”
Slow Leaves – “Feel It Too”
The Indigo Curve – “Unchained”
HYMNS – “Sirens”
Caoilfhionn Rose – “Fireflies”

Girl Time – “Pretend”
Allison Russell – “Nightflyer”
Silver Firs – “Now We Start to See the Beauty”
Okkervil River – “In A Light”
Secondhand Sound – “Sound”
Eliza Shaddad – “Now You’re Alone”
Miss Grit – “Impostor”
Veps – “Oliver”
Iceage – “Gold City”
Corduroy – “NLMN

Make Friends – “Sleep Sound”
New Candys – “Helluva Zoo”
Diamond Thug – “Purple Skies”
Deafheaven – “Great Mass of Color”
Bess Atwell – “All You Can Do”
Hater – “Bad Luck”
Wallice – “Hey Michael”
Pom Pom Squad – “Head Cheerleader”
Felicia Douglas – “Continuation”
Cathedral Pearls – “Wasted Days”

Olivia Kaplan – “Ghosts”
Half Waif – “Swimmer”
Bad Waitress – “Strawberry Milkshake”
Liily – “Odds Are It’s Blue”
Womb – “Love”
Luca Wilding – “Book of Fate”
Sasami – “The Greatest”
Nother & Moon Leap – “Lines”
Lala Lala – “Diver”
Trophy Wife – “I’m Getting Better”

Geese – “Low Era”
Lime Garden – “Pulp”
Parquet Courts – “Walking at a Downtown Pace”
Marissa Nadler – “Bessie Did You Make It”
She Drew the Gun – “Behave Myself”
Sara Bug – “Die With You”
Thyla – “Gum”
bdrmm – “Port”
Emma Ruth Rundle – “Return”
Joana Serrat – “Demons”

TV Priest – “Lifesize”
OSKA – “Misunderstood”
Hand Habits – “Clean Air”
IDER – “Cross Yourself”
Cassandra Jenkins – “Hailey (premix)”
Chad VanGaalen – “Spider Milk”
Black Country, New Road – “Bread Song”
Bloodslide – “MVP
Tummyache – “Soak”
Holm – “Erase & Repeat”

Amy Michelle – “the bottom of the well”
Mogli – “Ghost”
Nana Yamato – “Gaito”
Creature of Doom – “Dead Ringer”
GRAZER – “Reunion”
Wet Leg – “Oh No”
Constant Smiles – “Daisy, Table for Three”
Mitski – “The Only Heartbreaker”
Nation of Language – “In Manhattan”
Miss Grit – “Blonde”

Japanese Breakfast – “Be Sweet”
Kiwi Jr. – “Waiting in Line”
JP Harris – “Take Off Your Tin Foil Hat”
Yung – “Autobiography”
Augustine – “Prom”
Bess Atwell – “Co-op”
Melby – “Somewhere New”
PACKS – “Two Hands”
Palma Louca – “Stationary Life”
EXUM – “Dark Kept Secret”

HighSchool – “De Facto”
Strand of Oaks – “Galacticana”
Cloud Nothings – “Nothing Without You”
Vacation Forever – “Pop Up In My Head”
Jess Locke – “Tell Me I’m Okay”
POSTDATA – “Inside Out”
London Grammar – “Lose Your Head”
Caveman – “Like Me”
Typhoon – “Empire Builder”
The Ophelias – “Neil Young on High” (feat. Julien Baker)

Wy – “Shibu Inu”
PRONOUN – “I Wanna Die But I Can’t (Cuz I Gotta Keep Living)”
Bachelor – “Stay in the Car”
SASAMI – “Skin a Rat”
Dry Cleaning – “Strong Feelings”
Gustaf – “Bad Behavior”
Trace Mountains – “If You Do”
Faye Webster – “In a Good Way”
Arlo Parks – “Hurt”
Courtney Barnett – “Write a List of Things To Forward To”

Lucy Dacus – “Brando”
LUMP – “We Cannot Resist”
Magdalena Bay – “Secrets (Your Fire)”
W.H. Lung – “Showstopper”
Red Ribbon – “Planet X”
Snail Mail – “Valentine”
TORRES – “Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head”
Wednesday – “Cody’s Only”
The Weather Station – “Parking Lot”
Slothrust – “Craninum”

Grace Cummings – “Storm Queen”
Wolf Alice – “Smile”
Shame – “March Day”
Skullcrusher – “Song for Nick Drake”
Lightning Bug – “Song of the Bell”
Faye Webster – “Cheers”
Holly Humberstone – “Haunted House”
Veps – “Girl on TV”
Desperate Journalist – “Everything You Wanted”
Tristen – “Athena”

Ada Lea – “damn”
Sun June – “Bad girl”
Wallice – “23”
IAN SWEET – “Sing Till I Cry”
Wallace Morgan – “Heartbreak Suicide”
Haru Nemuri – “bang”
Alex Beeker – “La La La”
Ora the Molecule – “Creator”
Wet Leg – “Too Late Now”
Viagra Boys – “Ain’t Nice”

Flock of Dimes – “Price of Blue”
Palberta – “Something in the Way”
Gold Star – “Headlights U.S.A.”
Vagabon – “Reason to Believe” (feat. Courtney Barnett)
Babehoven – “Dissociative Tally”
la loye – “about imagining things”

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