Louise Aubrie is a London-born musician who splits her time between her hometown and New York City, bringing together indie post-punk roots with rock and pop melodies. Louise first started recording music at the famed Mill Hill Music Complex in London, and then over many years in New York surrounded herself by the best musicians in the city to establish her signature sound.

Writing all her own material, Louise recorded her highly anticipated third album, Late 44, in March 2015 at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Louise’s debut album, Fingers Crossed…, was released in 2010 to critical acclaim in both the UK and the US, receiving national radio airplay. In March 2013, Louise released her second album, Time Honoured Alibi.

For the recording of Late 44, Aubrie’s full band consists of Louise Aubrie (Vocals), Tom Edwards (Guitars), Boz Boorer (Additional Guitars), Joe Holweger (Bass), David Ruffy (Drums and Percussion), James Knight (Piano and Keys).

The 10 track album almost does have a rockabilly-ish sound with some strong bass lines and guitar riffs. Aubrie’s voice is the perfect amount of talented uniqueness that you just want to keep listening. There is something very endearing in her vocals and lyrics which shines through the album. Her chorus’ are reminiscent of Blondie’s style but with her own signature stamp.

Masterstroke and Tearjerker” start the album off right with the introduction of Aubrie’s style and harmonies. “Perfect Battle Cry” adds a bit more harmony and bass line which is a nice mix up from the former tracks. “Winter Dolour” continues with a catchy indie pop track you just want to clap along to. “Too Late” adds a punk vibe as she sings about that relationship that does not seem to be working out. “Next To Nothing” is another catchy chorus filled track about that lost relationship. “Kiss of Life” is another hooky indie pop track with Aubrie finally singing about a relationship that is worth continuing as it gives her the kiss of life. “Candlelight” is a laid back slower tempo track that speaks to just spending time with that special person. “One False Move” is another catchy indie filled pop track which has you wanting to sing along with the chorus.  The closer is percussion heavy “Please Don’t Touch” which just speaks about wanting to go home after a long night and avoiding the physical part of a relationship for fear of it later ending.

All in all Late 44 is a nice introduction to the talent of Aubrie and provides a unique artist that can be compared to the genius that is Blondie. If you dig the style of Louise Aubrie, you can purchase her new album July 13 on i-Tunes. It is currently streaming on soundcloud.

Website: www.louiseaubrie.com

Facebook: Louise Aubrie

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